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  1. Randux

    BozzaGigs LTE

    An alternative to Telkom and Cell C if you have poor coverage of both.
  2. Randux

    Account Suspension

    I have been advised by a Rain rep to not pay my account in order to suspend my sim. I had thought of it but it is nice to be told by them.
  3. Randux

    Home Connecta Flexi

    Switching to this next month. Telkom has just lost data customer.
  4. Randux

    Sim Cancellation

    What happens to your sim if you cancel it? Can you reactivate it whenever you want?
  5. Randux

    Look at this sh**

    Without my knowledge I'm subscribed to their bs
  6. Randux

    Unlimited Off Peak Toggle

    It seems to be removed I cannot find it. I want to switch off "unlimited off peak" before I forget and it bleeds over to the next month.
  7. Randux

    Fool me once...

    Bought minutes that were depleting way faster than my usage so I enquired.. Never again!
  8. Randux

    Torrent Throttled?

    I haven't used Rain in months. I needed to run a few torrents so I activated this month the unlimited off-peak package. To my disappointment it seems torrents are throttled to ridiculous levels. Speeds don't go above 60KB/s. Speed tests show 10mbps. Is this the new normal now?
  9. Randux

    Spotify Account Compromised?

    Recently I found playlists I never added. Music (Electronic) and artists I've never listened to added to my liked and recently played songs. Changed my password for my Spotify account and Gmail account to something long and complicated. Removed all the crap that was added. Two days later found...
  10. Randux

    Rain Down In KZN

    Since yesterday no connectivity but there's signal. According to their support there's a technical issue in KZN and they don't know when it will be fixed.
  11. Randux

    YouTube Vanced Battery Usage

    YouTube Vanced draining more battery in 20 odd minutes than a game I played for +3 hours? Is it the same case with the official app?
  12. Randux

    Help Me Find A Phone

    Looking for a sub R2000 dual sim, non import phone.
  13. Randux

    Mega Data Promo

    A shame about the validity period.
  14. Randux

    Am I in Danger?

    As I was walking out of my house there was a sudden loss of strength, my vision was blurry, it was hard to breathe and my body was shaking and both arms tingling. I just sat on the the floor outside and called for help. What was is that caught me?
  15. Randux

    Summer Of More

    I see Telkom is hyping something on Twitter about a campaign they'll apparently launch tomorrow. There's mention of YouTube. I hope it's something worthwhile.
  16. Randux

    Low Rated Shows

    I'm looking for low rated shows preferably debuted this year which you enjoy and think are underrated.
  17. Randux

    Some of the innovative iPhone features we’ve seen before

    I love this article it points out everything I dislike about Apple.
  18. Randux

    Can I be?

    Ok I make Hip Hop beats with my spare time and I made something simple I need your thoughts on do I have potential to be a pro beat maker or should I quit now?