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    Vodacom begins to issue Fake BP Fuel Vouchers

    Thank you for the template @skybound - Seems like this is the only way to get things sorted as of late. (@rpm @Hanno Labuschagne) Vodacom launched their black friday deals a few weeks ago. As a part of this they have been dropping some limited discounted vouchers in their VodaBucks shop. This...
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    A Ghost terminated my Frogfoot line

    Seems like a ghost terminated my one @Frogfoot Fibre line. Being stonewalled from all sides. @Frogfoot Fibre does FF have a PAIA Manual, in terms of Section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000)?
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    Synology DS220+ NAS Review

    Initially this review contained bad pictures and were centered around finding out if the Synology DS220+ was more suitable than a DIY NAS solution, in the form of my old HP N54L. Then 2 things happened: @bwana inspired me to retake my pics - but they are only marginally better now, so forgive...
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    Afrihost early termination

    Dear @Afrihost @AfriNatic Why do you guys terminate accounts early? I swear I experienced the same with my ADSL accounts way back when. Friends down the road set their hosting to cancel at the end of the month, and that is only in ~3 hours, but the site is dead already, was busy transferring...
  5. L - All good things must come to an end - Goodbye old friend

    So sorry to see her go in a few hours. :crying:
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    12V Battery charger options

    (Mod Note: I posted this under the general Ekdsom/UPS etc. section, that happens to fall under Current Affairs - please feel free to move to Off Topic etc. as needed) So I am starting to look at a 12V charger to charge up my SLA/AGM batteries. The first few results from Takealot kicked out...
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    Replacing an alarm battery with an "AGM" deep cycle battery

    So the alarm battery decided to go *pop*. Would an "AGM" deep cycle battery work. What is so different about it?
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    Recent spite of Bank phishing SMS scams

    Anyone got the Standard bank "your account has been blocked" sms earlier in the week, or the Absa one this morning? With the Standard bank one I got the website owner to kill the site quite quickly. But with this Absa one there is no website so I have to contact the webhost etc etc. The...
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    Is CCA cable "Solid"?

    A supplier is selling me a box of "Solid" cat cable. When I double checked with them on if it was solid, and not CCA lan cable, they replied, stating that it was not pure copper. Am I under the wrong impression that unless it is specifically sold as CCA, all solid cables are supposed to be...
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    Jive: Another sugar tax "victim"

    Anyone notice the incognito change in the sugar levels in Jive? I could not understand why my cooldrink tasted funny after not drinking any for quite some time. Turned the bottle - shock horror - only 4% sugar + aspartame. They changed it without dropping the price and without doing the right...
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    Amobia FTTH Feedback/Reviews

    Anyone on Amobia FTTH that can shine some light on how they are as a fibre ISP (instead of a WISP)? Looking at them as a possibility on frogfoot.
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    Frogfoot FTTH install

    Right, so we are busy prepping for a frogfoot install and would like to avoid surprises and are pre-planning where we would like the fibre to run. Are installers allowed to use existing telkom ducting from the curb to enter the erf and premises? If not, would they use ducting that we lay...
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    Anyone on VOX willing to do a quick ping for me?

    As per the title, if you have a minute to spare, please drop a message or send me a quick PM. I suspect there is something wrong with VOX's DNS cache (specifically sparrow cache) and need someone to do a quick ping for me to verify. Thx!
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    Comparing Fibre ISP Pricing (on Frogfoot)

    I have noticed that the packages listed on the frogfoot packages portal ain't exactly what I would call accurate. Some of the pricing is wrong, some of the terms are wrong, some of the packages don't even exist on the ISP's website etc etc. Looking then at the slew of fibre isp comparing sites...
  15. L Launching 19 August 2019

    I see that Mind the speed is launching on the 19th... No pricing in sight yet. :crying: But they claim that they will offer the lowest pricing in the market. :unsure:
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    Serv Hosting / Serve Hosting / Web Africa / No Loyalty (Price increases/Discontinuation of products?)

    Did anyone get a notice of any price increases or discontinuing of packages at 1-grid? My 'Linux Hosting X Small' package went from R19 odd, to R29 sometime in 2018 and today I see my July invoice is R49. According to support these Xtra small packages were discontinued about 3 months ago?
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    Managing/Recording CPD hours

    So over the weekend I sorted out a friend's computer, again - seems like a faulty SATA cable I missed the previous time was the root cause of all his random issues all along, but I digress. He asked me about this previously and to date I do not have a clear-cut or easy answer for him: He...
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    ""15GB/day"" @ R199/month Offer (telemarketing fail)

    So our existing cellc contract is coming to an end and the retentions department phoned us on Friday to offer us a 15GB/month package for the same price. Since the expiring contract was being used by the parentals the idea was to get them a slightly bigger package. But the MTN/Vodacom offer was...
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    ABSA Internet Banking Offline?

    Anyone having any issues with ABSA? loads, but internet banking ( times out. Have tried the app too, without success - unable to connect to server due to bad signal. Have tried via ADSL as well as via rain. Edit: USSD banking is also down: Service...
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    Manipulating CSV data

    Our business software kicks out .CSV data that we (read: I) then manually manipulate and prime in the format that can be imported into our accounting software. This is repetitive work and I would like to find out if there is a better way of doing this, short of making an autohotkey/macro script...