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    8800mAh Mini DC|POE UPS

    Item name (be very descriptive): 8800mAh Mini DC|POE UPS ( the model with POE ) Age and condition: 2 days Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Rain 5g not working, Price:700 Negotiable: No Location: cpt Shipping or collection: Shipping included
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    Hdmi cables not all the same lol?

    I was under the impression expensive hdmi cables is a waste of money after checking reviews etc, as they pretty much all the same . My hdmi cable failed on my tv, so I went and bought a new one. This is the one I bought:
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    Chromebook what should look out for?

    Anybody used one before? I need a portable device that has chrome broswer installed(doing azure stuff on the phone, is not working for me), with decent battery life. This seems to be best device to do job on a budget, as they pretty cheap on amazon. in SA they seem to be 6k plus lol Do these...
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    Is everything running on mtn yet?

    I noticed my wife iphone still has pretty weak signal, mtn signal is awesome where I live. She is on fnb mobile, not sure if it has been switched to mtn yet? Want to cancel my telkom contract and go with cellc as I prefer how the bundles work on cellc over mtn. Want to be on mtn as they have...
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    Eskom capacity issues

    Hopefully it's just once off, using 12 ocgt on a Sunday is not a good start to the week!
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    Fully unlocked us phone work here?

    This 339 usd will it work here?
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    Lookign for B818 router

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): B818 router Is packaging essential?: nope Desired age and condition: any Location: cpt Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Lookng for this router asap, want beat my own speedtest record!
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    I am going to lose it with this garbarge of a company. Do they have warehouse in cpt I can go to to speak to an actual person? Short version: Watch series 3, touch screen, wifi and bt died(screen does display and button works). Ebucks store says, core wont fetch it, it is locked to icloud. All...
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    Who to contact to Route fixed lte through cpt and not jhb?

    Not sure if mtn has rep on the forum. It seems fixed lte is routing to jhb from CPT. But normal lte is routing fine through cpt. Not sure if that is normal or something that needs to be fixed?
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    Is the B612 limiting my performance?

    I get 44 mbps down and 44mbps up as well. The b612 came with from supersonic. I have 5 bar signal, thinking I should be getting more download speed as my upload is also 44mbps? As I will probably making this my main connection when I move to uncapped, thinking of taking B618 that they will be...
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    The official supersonic R999 Uncapped feedback!

    The the deal is launching on the 23rd for 2 weeks. Agent says no throttling on this deal, you cannot use your own router. ( hopefully it is true) A B618 will be provided for this deal and you have to return it if you cancel the deal. Lets see how it turns out, seems like a really good deal...
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    Apple tv 4k not updating plex library?

    Does anybody have issue where apple tv 4k, does not show latest content on the plex server? Refresh library does not update the content. The plex server is on my local network and my tv does see the latest content. So I think the server is fine. I have to restart apple tv to get it refresh the...
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    Just short of 5g coverage should I apply?

    So rain 5g coverage expanded pretty close to where I live. Should I risk it and apply, it might pick up? Attached picture of how far I am out of coverage area. I will apply for 5g at my moms place and activate it there, she has 5g coverage. Fibre will probably not come anytime soon.
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    Does takealot pre-orders arrive on time?

    Hey Guy/Gals I want to order some ps5 games and controller for delivery. Anybody know if they actually deliver them on release day? I stay around 25min from main cpt warehouse. I have pre ordered the ps5 and selected pick up so I will pick it up as soon as I can. Takealot only allow 1...
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    Will telkom VoWifi ever work on telkom adsl?

    Does anybody know the technical reason why VoWifi does not connect over telkom adsl? ( i guess fibre also, as uses same openserve network) , but works on telkom lte any other network?
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    Scumbag Wingfield motors

    Hey guys Need some assistance, hoping I have foot to stand on. Bought a car less than 2 months ago from wingfield motors goodwood. They have been in the business of selling cars for quite a long time, and thought everything will be fine Actual deal went fine and car is also fine, only really...
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    Prepaid voice service?

    I am looking prepaid voip I can sign up today. I found, but the sign up page is broken. My reception is terrible atm, can't make any calls without being disconnected.
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    When must current owners cancel vuma so that I can apply?

    Currently looking to buy a house, the house currently has fibre with vuma. I have stated this need be canceled before I move in. If go ahead the current owners move out 7th oct. Will they need cancel in September to make october the last month? Should they just pay for october and I can...
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    Major Whatsapp outage

    Seems to be down in most countries. Article to follow I guess.