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  1. CrzWaco

    Official Super Rugby 2016 Thread

    Lol kings cant score vs 13 and now its vs 12 lets see if they can score now hahaha
  2. CrzWaco

    3g Help please

    Hi there Not sure where to start but we looking into getting 3g while we waiting for telkom to install our line. Things I would like to know can I use my phone as a 3g modem(it has a 3g lil icon next to my signal bar) and let everyone connect trought it? Or do I need some special...
  3. CrzWaco

    Wisp in Kimberley

    I was wondering if there is a wisp provider in Kimberley? Google does not give me any wisp there but maybe someone on there wisp reads these forums, and could give me a link to a wisp website, thanks.
  4. CrzWaco

    Adsl Routers

    Hey guys my brother is moving and he wants to know what adsl routers do you guys recommend. His budged is R450-R700 I was looking at this one, but he needs more info first. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. CrzWaco


    My tazz for some reason eats front tyres. So anybody got recomdations for a hard waring tyre. Taking it in next week to see what they say.
  6. CrzWaco

    Sharks Supporters Thread

    ag *** weet gaan ons nou n repeat van laas jaar sien
  7. CrzWaco

    Is there a way...

    Is there a way to add a password on a file in Vista without having to hide the file. Not talking about the permissions you can set.
  8. CrzWaco

    Anybody listen to Gothic Metal/Rock

    So does anybody?
  9. CrzWaco

    Age verification on gaming sites:

    So anybody else here know how to fake your age from the age of like 8!!! its so irritating but probably for legal stuff but ai jy weet.
  10. CrzWaco

    Good vs Evil

    So do you play a good or evil character? Last time I tried playing a evil character was in Fable and I sucked at it, tried again with mass effect but it just did not feel right. Even with Fallout 3 I had godly karma. Same with Baldur's gate was lawfully good.
  11. CrzWaco

    WareHouse 13

    Who watched it last night it was S1E1 2 hours long and I must say don't know what to make of it, not as good as eureka but might be worth watching a few more episodes.
  12. CrzWaco

    Mice Pads

    So I have a Fragmat and I hate is simply because it gets these black spots on it constantly, No matter if I cleaned it this morning it will be full of black stuff the afternoon. Hands are clean and my mouse is also clean since I keep it clean.:confused: So anybody got a other mice pad that...
  13. CrzWaco

    Opel Corsa Utility Starts but don't want to set into Idle

    Opel Corsa Utility starts but don't want to set into Idle it would then just die, anybody got a idea what could be wrong just did a fast google search and did not find anything concrete. Opel Corsa Utility 1.6sport 2001 model. 163 000 Km on the clock.
  14. CrzWaco

    Hdd help needed:

    Heya need to pick someones brain :p I just put my old system back and when looking at the manage disk I see that my one 250gig hdd is for some reason suddenly my C drive and it says system. Yet my 500gig says its the boot drive.With my new system I formatted a million times thinking the...
  15. CrzWaco

    Windows XP Stuck at 39min, help please.

    hey can someone maybe give me some ideas as to why my windows install gets stuck at ether 39min or 34min, I have just gotten a new Intel motherboard and a new Cpu, I have formatted about 6 times now and still only get to 39/34min. Windows 7 gets to where it needs to unpack and it gets stuck...
  16. CrzWaco

    Red Eye Picture

    Heya could anybody do me a fav and upload a local picture for me with someone with red eyes photo? Learned a new trick in gimp today and want to see if it works, but don't have a red eye picture of someone.
  17. CrzWaco

    Sharks Supporters Thread

    ai wat maak die sharks hul speel soos of hul op learskool is
  18. CrzWaco

    Telkom router username and password

    Can anyone tell me what the default(factory) user name and password is for telkoms router the mega105wr
  19. CrzWaco

    Help me with a connection.

    So I just brought a local only package from openweb and now want to use it. I created a new pppoe(dailup) connection and it connects but when I go and check if I have a session in the control panel of IS it does not show it. So I think its not working but can't be sure. What I have done set...