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    Tenda POE switch

    For Sale/Trade Item 1: Tenda Switch 9 ports with 8 POE Age and condition: Bought mid May 2021 Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: TA since new Reason for selling: Got opportunity to buy a Gigabit switch Price: R750 Negotiable: No Location: Pretoria East Shipping or collection: Shipping at...
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    Power dock for desktop

    I have a power dock/ strip for boys desks. The challenge is that these have funny 3/6 point plug connection points. I've tried to get a 3 point plug lead with this 3/6 point connectors at the other end. But cannot get anywhere. Tried Builders, Mica, Communica, HD Cabling and 2 electrical...
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    Airties 4920 triple set

    For Sale/Trade Template Item name (be very descriptive): Airties 4920 mesh triple set (3 x mesh airties nodes) Age and condition: Bought November 2019 so 18 months old Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Reducing 2 networks (fibre and LTE) to one only Price: R2000...
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    Web domain

    Hi Please recommend a service to register a or domain. Do I just buy the domain name or should I get a web host as well. If yes, what package items should I look for? This is for a school and I thus do not require business level service. Thanks
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    List of home automation products sellers

    Thought a list of sellers of smart kit might be useful
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    Samsung Gear 2 damaged

    I have a Samsung Gear 2 that requires a new motherboard. I am thus looking for a Samsung Gear 2 that is damaged eg screen etc but has a working motherboard. Item: Samsung Gear S2 SM-R720 & SM-R732 LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Parts Condition: used but working Price: Negotiable depending...
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    POE switch

    Item: POE switch Need to use with 2 x Reolink POE cameras Age: Price: R500 Warranty: Packaging: Condition: Good Location: Pretoria Shipping: Depends Collection: Yes Link:
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    LTE router compatible with Rain

    Item Wanted: LTE Router to use with Rain sim card Packaging Essential: No Desired Age: As new as possible Location: Cape Town Willing to accept a shipped item: No Ballpark/Budget Amount: R1 000
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    ISO standard for drafting policies

    Hi I am trying to establish if there is an iso standard to draft policies. Google shows how to craft ISO standards but I just want for policies.
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    Outdoor wifi range extenders

    I am looking for an - outdoor wifi range extender for my outdoor wifi plugs.
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    Braai grids for built-in braai

    Looking for braai grids that came with Megamaster braai. They dont manufacture the grids anymore.
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    Cleaning pc case

    Any advice from 1st hand experience to clean plastic parts of my itx pc case. The dust is sticky on the plastic. Photo below.
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    Dremel 8220 tool case

    I am looking for the Dremel metal tool case for the Dremel 8220. Just the empty tool case. Unless kit at a good price of course.
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    Cheapest TV compatible with google assistant

    Hi Anybody know which is the cheapest tv compatible with google assistant. Its for a bedroom. Currently using a Sony Bravia with a chromecast. But prefer having a smart tv since Sony getting old and needs replacement. I am only aware of LG and Sony having built in Google Assistant?
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    Wanted Efergy Home Hub Kit

    Wondering if anybody wanting to get rid of their Efergy Home Hub Kit. Based in Pretoria East and want to check my entire home usage over a 2 to 3 month period. Just running energy monitoring plugs have given an insight into power usage of appliances. Purpose is to establish benchmark for...
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    Cat 7 cabling

    I am looking for at least 100m cat7 cabling. Or referral to good prices in Pretoria. Will be asking HD Cabling and Compucable. But hoping somebody has a reel or 2 they want to get rid off [emoji854] Thanks
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    Centurion gate motor automation

    I note below "smart gate motor". Besides sonoffs etc, can one simply replace boards of a normal Centurion D5 gate motor with board from this D5 smart...
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    For sale ultralink wifi smart plugs

    For Sale/Trade Template Item name (be very descriptive): 6 ultralink wifi smart plugs Not flashed and updated Smartlife App software already. Age and condition: 12 months old now but In Excellent condition. Do you include packaging: Yes in original boxes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling...
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    Thought I bought airties from Vox. When I wanted to settle it, I am told that its pure rental and not renting to own. Requested to settle it and then get told I can terminate but must still pay them for full 24 months. Remainder almost 600 days. And still its their equipment. Friend told me...
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    Smart light switches

    Hi I'd like to invest in a smart wifi light switch (i.e. not zigbee bluetooth z wave etc). My needs: 1. Fit SA light switches as a replacement 2. Wifi and Google compatible 3. Physical switch for visitors 4. No inserting stuff inside/modifying existing switches. Only replace in toto. See...