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  1. Smokey mcpot

    Onder Engele (TV Series 1995)

    Theres one scene I remember where the girl has a lady bird on her finger and starts singing "ladybird ladybird fly away", was funny as hell.
  2. Smokey mcpot


    Feel free to PM me and I'll give you some tips and guidance. Remember planning for a big block involves alot. Plenty of safety regulations you need to abide by
  3. Smokey mcpot

    Digidoor 3 help

    Try to start without the receiver fitted. So remove receiver, reset, program without receiver attached. If still not working PM me and I might have another solution to your troubles.
  4. Smokey mcpot

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    I personally have the purpose built solutions lol, but ther DIY lasts much longer and works just as well. Also the option of adding more than just your router to i
  5. Smokey mcpot

    Digidoor 3 help

    Have you tried a factory reset and then start over?
  6. Smokey mcpot

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Build one? Alarm back up psu and just by the plug at communica or any other electronics store. You'll have something that lasts about 6 hours on a router and ONT.
  7. Smokey mcpot

    What I Love About My Town

    Last year I spent alot of time working that side. Almost every day I spent my lunch time driving along that route and finding a different spot to chill and absorb the beauty.
  8. Smokey mcpot

    Food Delivery Voucher Thread

    I get those same codes posted above. Doesnt work for my wife and daughter either. Only difference between us is probably that 80% of our orders come from my account.
  9. Smokey mcpot

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Cheapest I've seen someone in CPT sell for is R200. Closest to the sale price.
  10. Smokey mcpot

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    If you're keen on ubiquiti, I've currently got 2 edge switches available (8 and 16 port). I wont give my advice about the switch as it might seem biased with me selling these. But they are very good! With that said, what's your purpose? Mikrotik and ubiquiti definitely 2 of the higher rated...
  11. Smokey mcpot

    2020 Takealot Vouchers Thread 2.0 (Everyone Welcome)

    I've received a R300 of R700 purchase voucher.
  12. Smokey mcpot

    Let's talk Gatsbys

    Correct. Definitely no one place fits all. Only issue with Wembley though is their pricing haha
  13. Smokey mcpot

    Let's talk Gatsbys

    That's a debatable post. Honestly there is no "best". Each of us like a different version of a gatsby. If I really had to rate where I'd take anyone for a first time with no experience and a guaranteed satisfaction it would be Mariams in foreshore. Not too saucy, not too much chips, not too...
  14. Smokey mcpot

    Let's talk Gatsbys

    That's the one yes. Cosy little spot, good food and the bonus that they had little board games to entertain the family while waiting. Loved the board games as it included adults and kids, kept everyone off their phones and made the evening a bit more fun just by adding a simple game of uno.
  15. Smokey mcpot

    Let's talk Gatsbys

    Not sure if the place still exists, but there was a nice place opposite kfc and McDonald's in observatory. They had some very good curries! I cant recall the name of the place.
  16. Smokey mcpot

    16-year-old arrested for going 200km/h in Cape Town

    Bikes and cars regularly doing this on the m5. Maybe one night a week that I don't hear speeding and racing on the m5. Let me also admit that I used to speed and race on the streets, but I never took chances when there was traffic and definitely did not have a car as fast as today's "cult...
  17. Smokey mcpot

    Need help with a Coromaster Mach 2 Garage Door Motor

    What's the problem with the motor though? Surprised people have not had them replaced yet.
  18. Smokey mcpot

    Smart outdoor security cameras in SA?

    No burglar bars? If no, then I'd rather get those before cameras. Even with cameras they'd still be able to enter the house... and that's obviously what you don't want. Cameras sadly don't scare the thieves that much as we think.
  19. Smokey mcpot

    Unifi Ac lite, AC Lr and AC mesh

    I think I saw an es-8-150w, es-16-150w and a us-16-150w. Will confirm though Pricing is normally around R2200 for 8 port and then around R3200 for the 16 ports. My guess is also that they might be gone when I get back. Thanks for the well wishes.
  20. Smokey mcpot

    Unifi Ac lite, AC Lr and AC mesh

    All gone. Think there are also switches, but I'm stuck in bed again due to medical issues. Can check next week and update.