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    How to find 10 Gbps USB hubs?

    The USB Forum decided to rename the USB 3 specification a few times. Now it's practically impossible to search effectively on any of the local online stores, I only seem to find 5Gbps hubs. Are there any Type A or Type C USB hubs with at least 10Gbps of total bandwidth available anywhere?*...
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    Worth upgrading from older ADSL router for VDSL? (to improve upload speed)

    I recently moved to an area with only DSL coverage. I got Afrihost's 20mbit pure DSL package, and I'm currently using it with my old Billion 7300W ADSL2+ router. These are the stats I'm getting: I'm mostly satisfied, but would upgrading to a more modern router improve my experience...
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    MTN LTE Contract early cancellation penalty

    I have a 1 year contract to work in a rural region, so I'm considering an MTN LTE contract, but the minimum period seems to be x24 months. I'm looking at the MTN 200GB Home Wifi (200 + 200GB) package for R799 per month with included router. What penalties would I face if I cancelled this after...
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    Tax-free savings: ETF choices

    I've started earning, and I want to max out my tax free savings. It's been suggested to me that in the long term (15+ years), an aggressive ETF is not a bad option. I'm not 100% sure where to start with ETFs though, some scanning on the forum shows some people recommending STXWDM and CTOP50...