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    Xceed 144Hz Monitor with HDR from Checkers

    2K at 27" with 120hz (only see things around R8000)
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    Xceed 144Hz Monitor with HDR from Checkers

    what deals are available for 120/144hz 27 inch?
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    South African Airways majority stake sold off to private consortium

    dont let @yebocan see this video - he might have to take off his blinkers and his dunning kruger effect ANC has found a way to loot/abuse the GEPF pot via this Scam. Perhaps we can expect to see this happening more often - SABC, Denel etc.
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    South African Airways majority stake sold off to private consortium

    The current Chairman of Harith General Partners is no less than an ex ANC Deputy Minister of Finance and also previous Chairperson of the PIC. Assuming the PIC is an investor in the Harith General Partners fund then this deal is already rotten to the core and the PIC will most likely hemorrhage...
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    South African Airways majority stake sold off to private consortium

    Well cant speak for Gobal operations, and there will be pilots without jobs floating around, but SAA and the pilots association afaik have yet to come to any agreement, where most qualified ex-SAA pilots are members therof.
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    South African Airways majority stake sold off to private consortium

    Great you can google the about sheet of the company profile. You win the MyBB investigative journalism of the year award. You havent actually disbuted anything about whether the funding for Harith is coming from RSA PIC investments into the Harith for potentially the expressed purposes of...
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    South African Airways majority stake sold off to private consortium

    Quote from Discord's Earlymorningcoffee - "Does it never stop, how about some investigative journalism. One quick google search tells you Harith General Partners was only created to manage a so-called African fund with PIC money by an ex PIC employee who of course did nothing wrong. So dear...
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    Nationalisation by stealth is coming, courtesy of the shifting EWC Bill

    "But because the MPRDA instead vested all mineral resources in the custodianship of the state, the ANC argued that this was a mere deprivation for which no compensation was due. This argument was upheld, moreover, by the flawed majority ruling of the Constitutional Court in the Agri SA case in...
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    Best budget RTX 3060 gaming laptop? There's some new AMD chips coming that should be a lot cheaper than the equivalent Nvidia cards... (minus some game optimization/Ray tracing etc) The RX 6800M will feature in the upcoming...
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    NEW! ONE-DAY Cash Giveaway - R1,000 up for grabs - Enter here

    Get 50% vehicle premium payback on your first six premiums
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    Cape metro cops 'gobsmacked' when driver takes one last swig of brandy after being stopped

    did he delete the thread - my-wife-got-a-restraining-order-against-me?
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    Driver slapped in Bentley: ‘Not our officer,’ say Gauteng traffic police

    supposedly a robbery "fake police gang" gone wrong. number plate was fake and cop was wearing Mpulanga outfit in Hartebees.
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    Best budget RTX 3060 gaming laptop?

    ever used a notebook cooler? hows the temps on your PC? I have a i7 9750 in my work PC and it runs hot
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    Best budget RTX 3060 gaming laptop?

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, appreciate the insight. The processing was for more for large format 2D imagery rectification and mosaics (ortho-rectification, which makes a 3D point cloud to process - using drone imagery software - like pix4D or Drone2Map. They are really super CPU intensive...
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    Football Banter Thread (2nd Half)

    The difference made when Fernandinho came on was massive - looked much more stable in the middle. Pep got his tactics all wrong/ Tuchel got it all right Kante was an absolute menace and deserved man of the match for holding midfield (not sure who got it). moping up any ManC attack.
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    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    so we should get Harry K then? ;)
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    Harrismith residents vow to shut down N3

    I think you overthinking it a bit. Most poor people have no idea where money comes from and what is needed to generate it, and how it flows. All they see for themselves is if they make a big enough ruckus to be heard by Government (and closing a National road does that) there needs might be...
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    NEW Giveaway! Your share of R2,000 up for grabs - Enter here

    The better you drive, the more you earn
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    Wootbook, yes/no?

    Thanks, yeah I just checked with them. Perhaps someone canceled their order. I spoke to a sale team and sounds like they are planning to see if they can get more stock into the country.
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    Best budget RTX 3060 gaming laptop?

    Thanks, was wondering if you were referring to the wattage of the power brick giving a closer indication of the GPU wattage, MAX Q MAX P -lots of marketing terms but often seems they don't properly list the GPU power rating in laptop specs, esp with all the different models/versions/power draw...