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  1. Easter Bunny

    Fastly outage takes half the Internet down

    fastly went down bigly
  2. Easter Bunny

    How high will loadshedding get in June?

    stage 420
  3. Easter Bunny

    Julius Malema received a Samsung S8 from Telkom — its only gift to an MP

    now show us a table of gifts not declared.
  4. Easter Bunny

    Eskom's "declaration of war" on unions

    if you take the average salary, then yes. if you remove the fatcats at the top, then that average will definitely plummet. sauce:
  5. Easter Bunny

    Uncapped broadband price war — ADSL vs fibre

    vumatel? that's like running an article saying adsl is much better value for money compared to lte/5g when roaming in nigeria
  6. Easter Bunny

    Post Office signs deal to improve online shopping deliveries in South Africa

    was thinking that i'd give wish a try and let you all know what it's like to order something... but then remembered that the post office locked my box because i apparently didn't pay (i did). the post office should study how men react after being kicked in the nuts, then strive to have their...
  7. Easter Bunny

    Fibre price war — Cheapest and most expensive networks in South Africa

    i'm on metrofibre with cool ideas and tomorrow everyone's getting speed upgrades. my 50/50mpbs is getting upgraded to 100/100mbps (super excited!) and price is increasing by R60 to R1099. the email from 1 may:
  8. Easter Bunny

    These apps are killing your smartphone battery

    if i charged my old phone (nokia 7plus) at night, by the morning it would sometimes be at 80-something%, and the culprit would be duolingo. much better batter life if i use the app and then kill it afterwards. blitz golf is also usually high with battery usage, but that's because i play it a...
  9. Easter Bunny

    SA Post Office parcel scam warning

    didn't read the article. is the answer "the post office"?
  10. Easter Bunny

    Are privately owned power plants the solution?

    other: private power plants must not get exclusive rights to supply an area. i don't want to be stuck paying 100x the price that someone in another place is paying. then, also, if something happens to the CronyPower plant that supplies my area, i don't want GuptaPower to step in to supply...
  11. Easter Bunny

    Big specials on ultra-large TVs in South Africa

    awesome! the time to buy is.... *checks bank balance* ...not now!
  12. Easter Bunny

    What happens if South Africa’s electricity grid fails

    "2-3 weeks"? are you perhaps talking about a different, more efficient eskom from a different country?
  13. Easter Bunny

    The world's biggest gaming cheats revealed

    this makes me feel so much better. i always just assumed i was shite at games.
  14. Easter Bunny

    Is ICASAs 92% delivery rate for SAPO an acceptable figure?

    what percentage loss do we currently have for packages under 1kg when sent via courier?
  15. Easter Bunny

    South Africa to start building its largest solar power plant

    light also weighs less than 1kg, so the post office has to deliver it from the sun
  16. Easter Bunny

    Remote working jobs at Amazon in South Africa - strict fibre requirement

    i bet as soon as you're hired, they send someone round to your house to lock your bathroom so that you can't use it during office hours.
  17. Easter Bunny

    South Africa to start building its largest solar power plant

    yes, but you forgot to factor in the winning tender for running and servicing the sun
  18. Easter Bunny

    Don't pirate content on SpaceX's Starlink Internet broadband

    if companies don't like it when people pirate, then they shouldn't use region restrictions on their stuff...
  19. Easter Bunny

    SpaceX to launch satellite funded by Dogecoin

    no wonder elon has been tweeting so much about doge. those weird nerds that worship him are sort of like his investors - they make him money in crypto and in return, instead of money, they get callouses on one hand.
  20. Easter Bunny

    Massive discount on Samsung's 98-inch 8K QLED TV

    it'll need to drop 300k another 3 times before i can afford it