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    Big Windows update could bring an end to Control Panel

    Good question. That applet is literally a control panel applet and cannot function without CP AFAIK.
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    Battlefield 6 reveal - June 9

    The trailer to me seemed more like a love letter to BF fans by portraying the shenanigans they actually get up to in the game. Like the quadbike flying into the chopper or the famous Rendezook scene. Those are literally what the fans refer to as "Battlefield moments". For that reason I enjoyed...
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    Is online piracy theft?

    Whether we call it theft or copyright or blablabla, it seems it is still a moral violation either way. At its most fundamental moral root, it appears to be a parasitic interaction between parties. As the production of the media was at a cost/effort with no intention of free...
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    Best smartphones cheaper than R3,000 in South Africa

    But can it play Diablo Immortal?
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    Fibre contractors cause havoc

    Your username lives up to your experience :P
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    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Games I'm playing lately: Eve Online Dota 2 Overwatch GTFO Pinball FX3 Nothing special. Just over the other stuff I have.
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    Microsoft to Unveil New Windows on 24 June

    New version of files missing, BSOD's and drivers breaking more like :)
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    Importing PC hardware from Amazon vs buying local - pricing and warranties

    I seem to recall VR (i.e. Oculus Quest 2) is another big cost saving via Amazon. It made no sense to purchase locally, even if you could find it. Something like $299 (ex shipping/taxes) for the basic headset via Amazon but around 12k locally at the time I checked. Even including shipping+taxes...
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    Gaming PC advice

    @OP, maybe wait a little bit for more info on Ryzen 5700G APU's? You can save up for a discrete GPU later.
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    Google advertising new positions in South Africa

    Tweet it to the EFF. Dare you. :P
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    Android is about to take over your world all over again

    Apple are in this weird feature/function parity gap between MS on the desktop and Android in the mobile space. Once you cannot use Apple as a desktop OS (Gaming or Business/Corporate World), it makes less sense getting apple products anywhere else IMO. Costs aside, if I had an Apple Macbook...
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    Goodbye Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Love the new Edge browser. Can't do without it, especially for work. No love lost with IE though. It's been dead over a decade ago. I hate that it still comes with Win Server OS.
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    The METAL Thread

    Reminds me of the Holy Roller vid. They did well with the pandemic limitations.
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    South African fibre price war

    I was forced to go with Vumatel via Afrihost as the OpenServe fibre to my house is FUBAR, something about construction damaging and blocking the route and their tech gave up trying to pull the fibre to my house. The previous home owners broke the Fibre CPE clips and used glue/tape. Eventually...
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    BBBEE 'has reinforced white supremacy' - Thuli Madonsela on why SA needs to relook at model

    Perpetual race based competition. Check. Votes on race based policies. Check. ANC wins the next 40 years. Check.
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    BBBEE 'has reinforced white supremacy' - Thuli Madonsela on why SA needs to relook at model

    Oh God no. It's not actually about wealth and helping people, it's about identity politics and votes. Keep up :p
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    Best provider for Hosted Windows Server in the Cloud

    Out of interest, how are you guys handling remote access and also RDS CAL's? Or is this not intended to be used as an end-user multi-session sort of thing? Do you publish RDP port or access via a portal somewhere? And does it support workgroup server with per device RDS CAL's (If allowed by MS)...
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    KwaZulu-Natal woman mauled by her pet pit bulls

    I've always liked dogs generally, and have been very fond of a few in particular i.e. family pets even the very big dogs, but I've honestly never had the urge to get one of my own as a pet. I think the only breeds I'd personally choose though is a Belgian Malinois or maybe a Staffy. But hell...
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    Hard drive change to SSD

    Seem to recall frequent mention of some cloning issues (or was it PE detection problems) from HDD to M2 but not sure if others have had more joy or if that is still an issue. That's the only potential warning I might add if OP intends to transfer the OS across that way.
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    LG is shutting down its phone business by July 31st

    I wonder if any other company would be able to buy and restructure this portion of LG? Or maybe just too much of a risk.