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    These are the common items the SA Post Office wants private couriers to stop delivering

    My first and only experience sending something via SAPO was more a mistake on my part. I sent some documents here from Germany using registered post (they don't speak English at the post office by me and I did communicate properly that I wanted DHL). The documents left here beginning of...
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    Where in the world South Africans are looking to find work

    Surprised Berlin is so high on this list. I ended up here just because my office had a branch here but my day to day experience is I never see or hear from any South Africans. We are well hidden it seems. The only time I saw a smallish "community" was going to the embassy to vote and when the...
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    COVID-19 Alert SA app vs Facebook - Permissions compared

    Sounds like the app does the exact same mechanism of tracking as the app we use here in Germany.
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    SA online store accused of scamming its customers

    Kay-leigh Langmann... Can't quite remember how to spell her name , I think it was Kayleigh Lange but she used to work at Rebeltech. So I guess they stole some names/ideas from other stores
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    #ImLeaving - Relocation Advice?

    If you're going over with a company then this is fully up to them. If you're going on your own then it's up to you I left as a young bachelor so I sold everything I had and am currently just renting a furnished apartment. It comes down to what kind of furniture you have. Does it cost more to...
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    SA looked at Covid-19 cellphone tracking, but it proved too complex

    I did mention it depends on people installing it. At the same time all I really need is most people in my area to have it for it to be effective to me. It also doesn't really track your whereabouts. As you pass by another person's Bluetooth it'll take note of that device id. If that person then...
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    SA looked at Covid-19 cellphone tracking, but it proved too complex

    I dunno. Germany managed to do and release this over a month ago already. All I have to do is put my bluetooth on when I go out and that's it (obviously such an app only works if everyone installs and uses it)...
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    Russian government resigns as Putin proposes reforms that could extend his grip on power

    She's against him. She's also just tired of politics in general. She was aware that the vote was happening but she's currently travelling through Crimea (she stays in Moscow) and she was too lazy to find out how to vote there My 1 colleague at work voted here in Berlin and he said there was...
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    Russian government resigns as Putin proposes reforms that could extend his grip on power

    I'd argue that they travel a lot more than South Africans. I don't think the average South African gets to travel far considering the cost involved of getting to Europe. Compared to Russians who have quick and easy access to both Europe and Asia. They're comparable to German tourists during the...
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    Russian government resigns as Putin proposes reforms that could extend his grip on power

    I can't imagine that'd make my current Russian fiancee very happy :P
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    Russian government resigns as Putin proposes reforms that could extend his grip on power

    Try do Saint Petersburg as well when you eventually get that side. The've got an express train between there and Moscow. Moscow is nice but Petersburg is nicer imo :) It's kinda like Joburg vs Cape Town kinda difference. Although arguably both are kinda seen as not good reflections of true...
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    Huge confusion over South Africa's midnight lockdown

    00 is for a 24 hour clock. So 00 am does not exist.
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    South Africans are leaving the country in "big numbers". Here's why that's not good.

    Just to add to the stats with myself and my friend group from school who have left. This is the last 4 years for my friend group. Myself: Germany 2: South Korea 2: New Zealand 7: Australia 1: Poland 1: Sweden 1: USA Out of my colleagues who started with me when I was in Cape Town I think...
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    [Recommendation] Service for Letter of No Impediment

    I suppose it'd be possible to first try the embassy here and then a service after a month. The difference in price for the service is just ridiculous :/ Applying at the embassy: 4 EUR but the possibility of up to 6 months of waiting Applying with a service: I saw 1 earlier asking R4500 to get...
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    [Recommendation] Service for Letter of No Impediment

    Evening all :) Looking for any recommendations for a good and reliable service to obtain an apostilled letter of no impediment in a reasonable amount of time. From what I've read applying for it yourself can take up to 6 months, and people tend to just phone the department daily and ask nicely...
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    Question for seasoned travellers

    It's East Europe/Asia :) but your point still stands that it's mostly Asia. Can definitely recommend Saint Petersburg as a "European" like experience. It was designed to be like Amsterdam afterall. Russia is very underrated as a travel destination so +1 for it as a consideration.
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    SAA plans to fire up to 20% of staff

    It's in the article.
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    Amazon's AWS data centres for South Africa coming soon

    Had to do some quick Googling for this 1 but apparently PUBG runs on both AWS and Azure. Considering Azure has a South Africa region, I can't imagine a new AWS region in SA would make a difference here since if they wanted to have servers in SA, they already can do that...
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    South Africa's big matric maths problem

    In my view critical thinking is being able to correctly apply the given tools and information to get the desired outcome. Just because you learn all the formulas, doesn't mean you understand where and when to apply them.