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    External Hard Drive for Plex

    I am running plex server on an old laptop and need to get a new external hard drive to store the media. I am looking at 8TB drives, found the below two.
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    Retrieving SMS which was not received

    I was overseas for the last two weeks and forgot to enable sms roaming. When I returned to SA, SMS's from the last week came through but none of the SMS's from the week before were delivered. Is there anyway of retrieving an SMS (contains an instant money transfer code) from two weeks ago, which...
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    Samsung TV USB Port Overheating

    My moms Samsung TV's USB port looks to be lifted, when plugging in a USB it gets awfully hot. Do the positions of the pins look normal? Will pushing the pins down get it back to the original state?
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    iPhone Home Button Replacement

    I own an iPhone 6S Plus and the home button has stopped working completely. Anyone have an idea as to how much it would cost to fix and where I could take it? I am based in Joburg. As a workaround I am using the AssistiveTouch virtual home button under accessibility, which is not ideal. I...
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    iPhone Battery Replacement Turnaround Time

    Has anyone used the iPhone Battery replacement programme? How long does it take to get your phone back once you book it in?