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    Show your Android Screenshots!

    Went for the clean look
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    Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident?

    Same happened to me in Buitengracht Street. Approaching an amber light and the idiot one car behind me thought we were all going through on amber.
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    How well do you get along with your neighbours?

    The neighbours opposite us and the one to the left of us, hate our guts. The one to the right we get along with well. The rest of the neighbours in our street we get along with fairly well.
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    Flight Simulator 2020

    I haven't flew in dense areas yet. Sure my line would kak when I have to fly over Manhattan.
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    Flight Simulator 2020

    I signed up for games pass and had a friend download it for me. The game doesn't use as much data as I thought and my 4mb line, although maxed out, seems to coping. Still testing though.
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    Flight Simulator 2020

    I've got 2.3TB worth of cap left with Vox so I'm covered, the only concern I have is the speed of my line. FS states the min line speed to be 5mb, my line current syncs around 5.5mb, but what does that mean exactly, what type of experience will I have with this always connected game? I don't...
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    Flight Simulator 2020

    I have the hardware to run the game at max settings, but don't think my 4mb line will be able to handle it (no fibre in my area, plus max speed I can get). :crying:
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    DStv launches 2 new ESPN sports channels

    As a follower of American sports I am really happy with this. Also can finally watch the entire First Take instead of YouTube snippets.
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    DStv plans to become a one-stop-shop with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube

    This could work if decently priced. Could be an answer the new age question of how many streaming subscriptions do I need before its not financially viable.
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    DStv shutting down SABC encore and Sundance TV channels

    This. Yes. Millions of people still have DSTV and many of those people have DSTV plus the streaming platforms that ex-DSTV customers boast about on the internet, relax lol
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    New Telkom uncapped ADSL packages - All the details

    So after having no luck with the call centre yesterday, I decided to go to my local Telkom store this morning (they're usually clued up on the latest offerings). So it took about 10min. I told them what I wanted and made it clear that I want it on a month-to-month basis. He said it'll take...
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    Call of Duty: Warzone

    You know what man, I'm ****ing done with this game
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    First car decision

    Now that you mention it. I have a Fiesta, 4 years old, about 82000km on the clock, Auto. I took my car for a service couple weeks back and ever since I've got this knocking sound when I go over bumps or sounds like something sliding when I turn. Took it back and they said it was my left front...
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    Traffic fines

    Bwahaha!!! I can remember racking up couple of fines in mother's name, had to pay up immediately :laugh: Also reason I'm here is coz I got a final notice yesterday for two fines and another fine where there are two vehicles in the picture. I'm just reading up, not planning on giving these...
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    F1 2019 season discussion and chat.

    It's all about that sweet sweet Poland oil money
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    Parents fume as black and white grade R children are 'separated' in North West classroom

    Oh is that how it works nowadays? Just shows my age haha I said what I said. This all could've been avoided, its 2019, we all know what the mobs are like.