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  1. Okty

    Back 4 Blood Thread

    Saw this the other day, seems like a “spiritual“ follow up for Left4Dead series. Looks quite interesting from the footage, but only in middle of 2021 :(
  2. Okty

    Point of Sale using only a cellphone?

    Is there any way to do POS transactions using only your cellphone, without the need for a card reader? What I mean by that is for example somone wants to pay/buy something from me, I can use my phone as a standalone POS device for the customer to pay via debit/crefit card. All the ones I...
  3. Okty

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Forgot about this game, seems it coming out this week. Watching some review/gameplay footage, I think I am actually going to get this coming weekend. Anybody else going to make Japan great again by driving out the Mongol invaders? :p
  4. Okty

    Travel between provinces

    Is travel between provinces still forbidden, or must you have a permit to travel? If you want to go visit a 'brick and mortar' store to buy items in another province, can one obtain a permit? Thanks
  5. Okty

    Under 16s not allowed in stores?

    So apparently, no under 16s are allowed in the grocery stores. When did this rule come in and for what benefit?
  6. Okty

    Nigerian ruling party demands takeover of SA firms
  7. Okty

    The Boys - Amazon Prime [Spoilers Alert]

    Not a series person, but I think I will actually try and watch this. Don't know if it will be available for SA amazon prime video, though, otherwise, yar me matey!
  8. Okty

    Student goes on shooting spree in Crimean high school, kills 17, wounds 50

    MOSCOW — At least 17 people, mostly teenagers, were killed and 50 others were wounded Wednesday when a student went on a shooting spree at his high school in Russian-annexed Crimea, Russian authorities said. Russian investigators identified the attacker as 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov. They...
  9. Okty

    Firebrand Malema fights for land revolution in S. Africa
  10. Okty

    Rachel Johnson tells GMB her brother Boris’s comments didn’t go far enough and the Muslim veil is anti-feminist