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    Kuvva Wallpapers App

    Is there anyone here who uses the Kuvva app for the iPhone/iMac? I want to get it but I just can't seem to find it on the App Store. Could somebody else please try to find it if you can? It has got some of the best illustrated wallpapers I've seen. I also tried their links to the App Store on...
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    Advice on iPhone 6 Plus insurance cover

    I have a friend who just bought an iPhone 6 Plus at Telkom Mobile. It's not insured, do any of you guys know of a place she can get good insurance cover at?
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    What is your guilty pleasure music?

    It can be an artist, a specific song, or even a whole music genre. The main reason why your music player is not on shuffle when there's friends around. Now come on lets hear it.
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    Which mobile data deal to go with?

    I've been checking online for the mobile data deals that are cheap. Now I'm looking for a mobile data deal that is at least 10GB. These are the top 3 so far that I've seen: Afrihost has a double data deal ( 5GB + 5GB) which you get if you sign up for Afrihost Plus I believe it would cost...
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    Looking for a song which I can't seem to find anywhere need help

    I'm looking for Danny K's song titled I can't imagine. All I seem to find online are it's lyrics. I've searched on YouTube, Deezer, Simfy with no luck. It's a really beautiful song. Anyone know where I might find it? Here are the song's lyrics, might jog your memory
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    Guide on how to do land grabs by the EFF

    Here's the article link:
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    Approximately how much would it cost me to fix a Toshiba laptop screen?

    It has 5 black spots on it, which are slowly growing. They appeared after I accidentally hit the screen. The laptop is a Satellite C650 I got it in 2011 still works smoothly. The screen size is 15.6"
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    MyConnectivity App needs more features

    Maybe It's just me, but I felt a bit let down after downloading Afrihost's app. Its current features work perfectly fine, I can track my remaining data wherever I am that's nice. I just assumed the app would be exactly like the ClientZone and maybe with some new added awesome features...
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    Looking for ASP.NET projects to join for novice developers

    So I just started learning to develop using ASP.NET. I'm using the book PROFESSIONAL ASP.NET 4.5 IN C# AND VB, I prefer using ASP.NET in C# since it's similar to Java in a lot of ways, I'm familiar with Java. I'm looking for any ASP.NET projects that I can contribute in, something that will...
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    What are some of the most annoying characters in TV series you've seen?

    What characters really got on your nerves while watching a TV series? That had you basically shouting at the TV due to the absurdity of their actions.
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    Is there anyway of tracking a stolen Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

    Not me but a friend of mine lost his Note 3 in town (Durban), the matter has already been reported to the Police. Is there any other way of going about tracking the device?
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    What is the most beautiful song you've ever heard?

    A song that gives you goose bumps every single time you hear it, it can be any song of any genre. For me it's Hey Now - London Grammar
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    What are some must-see documentaries you recommend?

    I'm looking for something that's eye opening, thought provoking, and mind blowing. Please don't post about UFO and Alien crap....something along the lines of CitizenFour (which is one documentary I'm looking forward to watching), something real.
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab Problem

    Hey guys I've been having a problem since last month when trying to connect my galaxy tab 10.1 to my PC it simple says MTP driver failed. This wasn't happening two months ago, I've tried uninstalling and re installing the entire Samsung package including the drivers but nothing seems to be...