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    I recently switched over to Firefox. I'm unable to read the comments on mybroadband articles, and also unable to vote in their polls. Clicking just doesn't do anything. Anyone know what the reason might be?
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    BoxOffice's brilliant support

    Me (sent through website so I don't have timestamp) Name: **** Email: ***** BoxOffice platform: Support category: Feedback Connection type: ADSL Comments: I'm still unable to rent movies on the desktop player with my BoxOffice Account. I contacted support about this issue 1 month ago and...
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    Time to start panicking!?

    Hey. I've got the Cell C 2gb special from Mweb for my wife's galaxy note 10.1 earlier this month. So far we used around 800mbs. When checking our remaining data, I got this message: Must be a mistake...right?:wtf:
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    Broken Contract Phone

    Hello My Brother has a MTN contract via Nashua. He upgraded April/May 2011 and took a Sony Ericsson x10 mini. The phone gradually started giving problems with charging: it will charge for a while then stop and continue without you ever touching the phone. We took the phone in for...
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    grub on wrong HD

    Hey. My brother installed opensuse on his external, but now he can't get into windows without the external plugged in. I suppose grub is on the external? Is there any way this can be moved or corrected so that he can load windows without the need of the external?
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    Mweb and an illiterate dad

    I'm back home with my dad for the next 2 weeks. In my flat in Pretoria, I have and ADSL 4mbps account from another ISP and I connect wirelessly to the router. I get about 3.5mb download speed and 400kbps upload speed. Now my dad also has a 4mbps account with 8gig download from mweb. Here I get...
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    Router Password

    Hello I'm going to my dad's place for about 2 weeks, want to connect to his router wirelessly, but he doesn't know the password (he didn't even know it had one, so I don't think he ever changed it). So it's probably still on default. Anyways, I think he has a telkom router (I'll make sure...