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    Move from contract to pre paid

    My cell c contract expired in January and is now on month to month contract. How do I move to pre paid ? Ultimately, since the move to Vodacom network I have endless network issues; so I want to port number. I definitely don’t want to lose my number.
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    Ford/Mazda Servicing.

    Can anyone recommend a good Ford or Mazda mechanic/service place ? Both of my cars are now ten years old and I no longer want to use the franchise dealers. They are far too expensive and I feel they are ripping me off. The Mazda went in for its 225k service and everything was fine. Only...
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    Goodbye CellC

    I purchased the Cellc 2gb promo around last year this time. Up until Dec i received pretty good service coverage. Although my speeds were never above 3mps, I was happy, I connected surfed/downloaded and continued on my merry way. Cheap fast internet FTW. In January it all changed, constant...