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    Missing File Upload form on eHomeAffairs

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this... I've got to upload supporting documents for a Smart ID and Passport application with Home Affairs. Viewing the Upload Documents step in the wizard, it doesn't show the File Upload form... Doing a Developer Tools inspection, it shows...
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    Telkom Contract Application approval times

    Hi all, I applied for a Telkom mobile contract in store on Thursday last week and am currently still waiting for a response from them as to whether or not I've been approved/rejected. Last bit of information I received was that they were "building a business profile" of me. They've got all...
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    Telkom ADSL 100% Dead

    Yesterday around 1pm, my ADSL just completely died. 0 downstream. 0 Upstream. No connection whatsoever. Rebooted router. Nope. Checked all the cables. All good. Tried a new router. Nope. Called Telkom, they say my ADSL is "syncing", also refreshed the port. Switched my router off during the...