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  1. abzob

    Do you wash your eggs?

    /yes, I’m expecting all the double entendres. On a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, Natalie (from the Ukraine) was washing eggs before use which Mike (American) found perplexing. Natalie : In my country we wash eggs. Mike : Over here we don’t. I’ve always washed eggs before use but this...
  2. abzob

    Extra Stickies

    Can we please make the rare cars thread and weird/funny/interesting number plates thread into stickies? It’s so hard to find them with all the spam in this sub-forum.
  3. abzob

    Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90
  4. abzob

    GBV: We as men are the problem, says Springboks legend Bryan Habana
  5. abzob

    How to insert a gif

    I've seen it done here but I'm not sure how, since I'm such a himbo. Insert link? Insert image? Insert media? And if doing it via the app, how do you copy/paste a gif?
  6. abzob

    Tax on interest earned

    What is the % tax on interest earned? Can’t seem to find any clear info besides this: What does being a non-resident have to do with it? What is the % if you are a resident? The threshold is R23800. So if you’ve earned R50000 of interest, you’ll pay tax on R26200. What % and how do you even...
  7. abzob

    Simpsons ends use of white actors to voice people of colour
  8. abzob

    16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 21300 2666Mhz RAM

    Item: HMA81GS6CJR8N SK Hynix 16GB LAPTOP RAM (2x8GB) Age: ~1.5 years Price: R850 seems fair? Warranty: Doubt it Packaging: can wrap it up if required Condition: Used Location: Cape Town Reason: Upgraded Shipping: at your cost and risk Collection: Sure
  9. abzob

    “Hitler was innocent”- Pretoria fitness queen charged for her comments against Jewish people

    A criminal charge has been laid against Simone Abigail Kriel for allegedly posting antisemitic and inflammatory messages on her Instagram page on 16 May. Among other things, Kriel allegedly wrote that "the f***n Jews are greedy as f**k", that there is a special place in hell for them, and that...
  10. abzob

    Rain 7-Day Free unlimited data

    Does this only apply to simcards from Takealot and Pargo or for the ones delivered from Rain too? Can you still get Rain Simcards at Tyme Bank Kiosks at PnP?
  11. abzob

    iPad Smart Cover for iPad Air?

    Hi I received an iPad Smart Cover (MD306LL) with the iPad Air but a little bit of googling revealed that this cover might not fit this iPad. I'd like to confirm before I open the cover so that I could perhaps swap it or give it away to someone (the cover not the iPad :p) . Anyone know for sure...
  12. abzob

    Unable to disable cellular data for some apps

    iOS 8.3 Trying to disable cellular data for Skype and Viber but every time i go back into the settings, cellular data is toggled back on for them. This usually happens with App Store and i've accepted that but I was able to disable it for these two before. Anyone else having this?
  13. abzob

    Which Springbok/Bulls player went to play in Japan around 2006?

    Which Springbok/Bulls player went to play in Japan around 2006?
  14. abzob

    iPhone 4s Screen Yellow Tint

    Just switched it on and noticed this, especially compared to the 4. Anyone else have it? Found a lot of hits regarding it online.
  15. abzob

    Delete app data on iOS?

    Is it possible? Doesn't seem so from a bit of googling. For example, how would you delete the whatsapp documents and data without deleting the app?
  16. abzob

    iOS weather CT- Monday?!

    :wtf: :confused:
  17. abzob

    iOS 7 lock screen vulnerability discovered
  18. abzob

    Limit on Apple IDs?

    My Apple ID is linked to the US AppStore. I need to download something from the UK AppStore. Can I just create a new Apple ID and switch between them at will?
  19. abzob

    How much could I get for this?

    iPhone 4. Black. 16GB. 33 months old. Barely used. Good condition except for slight nick on lower left corner.
  20. abzob

    Update iOS

    Currently on 5.0.1. Been out of the iOS jailbreak scene for a while but too many apps now require a later version so I must. What's the latest jailbroken iOS I can upgrade to?