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    Battery Charger

    any recommendation for a decent make and model battery charger? for the 12v 100ah/200ah batteries. ones for a good full charge etc. or ones for quick charge just to add some juice.
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    Cellphone Games

    anyone have some suggestions for decent mobile games? free preferably not too much add spam decent progression without pay2win
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    Short Term Rentals

    ive read that home sharing short term rentals like airbnb are still not allowed. is it still the case? would airbnb be allowed in an apartment block where common property is shared by the various residents? can you airbnb at all now and does home-sharing fall under common property shared among...
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    Wine producer's evaporating income as lockdown ban continues to bite

    Vinpro, which represents the wine industry, said it was already estimated that the SA wine industry — which employs about 300,000 people — would lose close to 18,000 jobs and that nearly 80 wineries and 350 wine grape producers would close their business in the next year...
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    'Dear Black South Africa'

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    Ramaphosa signs traditional and Khoi San leadership Bill into law
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    Income inequality worsens for black Africans, improves for whites and Indians