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    U.S. Politics

    i never said that i expect that of a/the president. you are throwing in a whole lot of rubbish i never said. youre putting words in my mouth in the attempt to pat yourself on the back. this seems to be standard douche behaviour around these threads. its really pathetic. just to give you some...
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    U.S. Politics

    i expect trump to behave like that. hes a rich chop. biden and co i dont though, him and them are supposedly better or marketed as that.
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    U.S. Politics

    its strange how finding the squirming as amusing translates to victory dances. suppose its the same thing as being called a trump supporter when you laugh at some peoples reaction or reasoning.
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    U.S. Politics

    ah ha! seem you did not have a grip! :p bidens strange speeches and sniffing is pretty weird to be honest. you cant deny it.
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    U.S. Politics

    what picture?
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    U.S. Politics

    dont know really, only qannon stuff i ever came across was from this site. have noticed a lot of pedo stuff circling the supposed morally superior crowd though.
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    The DA is in total crisis.

    it proved the idiom, meng jou met die semels en die varke vreet jou op.
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    U.S. Politics

    did you watch the clip?
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    Trump impeachment - Senate trial poised to start next week

    does that whole leaning forward mocking thing apply to her as well like it did trump
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    U.S. Politics

    wtf is there always a stench of pedophilia around those type people
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    I was stunned and dazed when pounced on by police, arrested, jailed overnight and charged with theft

    hmmm... seems odd, but this are souf efrika. being dronk he might have made a kak chirp when the manager didnt want to except the 1000bux. then just walked off to go draw money leaving the impression hes ****ing off without paying. something like that. the person left behind at the table...
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    2021 BMW M3 & M4 (G80 & G82)

    i like it. like the m440i the big grille looks like nostrils that will suck up pavements, trees and puppies as it drives past pity about the number plate over it. spoils it for me.
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    "Koeberg radioactivity containment building is cracking" - Koeberg Alert Alliance

    a portuguese housemate of mine while living in the uk, became a nuclear power station inspector type person, travelled all over europe carrying out inspections and grading sites or what ever they do. i think for edf, the same co. that not too long ago had major issues. i laughed and thought of...
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    'I’m not a cat': lawyer gets stuck on Zoom kitten filter during court case

    if this was in dutch i think people would think twice
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    10 smartphones with huge batteries you can buy in South Africa

    there are 2 other blackview models with 10 000mah and 13 000 mah
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    Win10 How to automate closing and then reopening software that runs in the background?

    is the usb selective suspend setting disabled? ive found it can suspend the usb even while its uploading gigabytes of data to cloud services. so stupid. some ups software resets these settings after a restart as well
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    Formal rape case opened against DJ Fresh and Euphonik

    sounds like just accusing someone in public, let the mob deal with them instead of formally at the authorities
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    Tito Mboweni vs White People....

    pfff. i bite.