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    Micro sim convertor to standard sim

    You could cut your own from an old credit card or something. Thin cardboard could work or several layers of paper. You really just need to make the SIM fit properly over the contacts.
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    Cell C Micro Sims

    You can cut a normal SIM into a micro-SIM. Google for instructions...
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    iPhone 4 cant send sms when there's R4 left

    I noticed before that I can't send an SMS with about R3.50 airtime left. Was with my Samsung Galaxy S. Don't think something like this would be phone related, but rather our sh*tty networks that wont let us use what we paid for so they can con us out of more money. Then I made a call and was cut...
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    iPad for student - yes/no

    Should be handy. Consider a laptop if you need any special software though. The iPad is really just a giant iPod/iPhone... Sent from my GT-I9000 using MyBroadband Android App
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    Iphone 4 (16G) - R7,499.99 is it worth it?

    On contract you can get decent deals, but for cash it's an absolute ripoff. Look at other high end phones. Samsung Galaxy S can be found for about R5300 cash.
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    Who do you trust more? Android or iOS

    Android would obviously be the first to get malware, because with Apple you can only install apps from their app store but with Android you can install them from where you like. Unless you jailbreak your iPhone. All it takes is common sense, don't install something you're not sure about...
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    I guess I really should have tried an iPhone before? Sure as hell isn't vapor. Wouldn't touch it with a stick though. If it can't multi-task, it's not a smartphone.
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    Stay away from the iPhone

    He must be one of the Vodacom service staff :p