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    Do U Buy wholesale/bulk lots of Phones ❔

    Phones/Tech - For Sale Items : 3 Blackberrys, 1 Susan phone, 1 Samsung Galaxy S3 mini , 1 ZTE phone & a Huawei 3G Surf Stick to give U internet access on your laptop/notebook PC WireLessly They All work, U just have to know how to set them up (1 or 2 might need a new battery..) Packaging ...

    Looking for cheap stocks to complete your South African Investing Portfolio ❓

    Stocks - For Sale BUY mine ▶️ I'm selling my 20 Ashburton Midcap ETF shares, 20 KAP Industrial Holdings shares & 10 Growthpoint shares Age : They're all 3 & 1/2 years old Reason for selling : I can't afford the monthly fee of that FNB share investing acct it's in Price : All 3 for R400...

    Question - Selling my JSE stocks

    3 stocks/shares Which I bought through my FNB sharebuilder account. I need to sell them but FNB is Not paying/giving me the price I want for them ,I want to sell them to highest bidder, who can go past FNB (coz FNB is Not supposed to be in the way, preventing people from buying my stocks❗) -...

    Our Easy Equities accounts

    How do I Close/Delete my easy equities account ?? I really am asking, guys. Coz I looked everywhere in my profile menu & in their knowledge base/help centre (it used to be at the end of that "My Profile drop down menu" ,just before or just after " logout" but its not there anymore Therefore i I...

    Anyone else having this problem with HollywoodBets ???

    HB is short for . U caNt withdraw out of your winnings if they have not approved of your fica docs. Read my Post Towards its' End from where it says : "My latest problem" .If U read/understand it Correctly, U will Agree with me that I...

    Any Financial Advisors types here ??

    I have a few shares with FNB ShareBuilder (for 2 & a half years or so) & Easy Equities (for 1 year & a few months). I'm thinking of selling them but I guess this COVID-19 time is Not the best time , hey ???? If No/not now then when ?? In winter, spring ,summer ,next year ,in 5 years time - when ??

    My Telkom Landline

    My Question that needs answering is : How do I block (like, what ussd string do I dial for free from my Telkom landline phone) certain people's phone numbers (their landline & cellphone numbers) so that they cannot call my Telkom landline number (& on any phone that's hooked up to my telkom...