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  1. TribbleZA

    OneDrive Quiz - Capture details

    If you use Google forms it links to a spreadsheet and can capture the Google account name. Not saying don't use MS forms - I like them. But most people are logged into their Google accounts all the time.
  2. TribbleZA

    Your go-to browser extensions?

    Chrome Google translate Save to Keep Tampermonkey Open Intel Ban checker for Steam VAC/Overwatch Ban checker Stylus Grammarly Click to Display in IE-based page Dark Reader Adblock Plus YT-Encrypt IITC
  3. TribbleZA

    The Cannabis Thread #2

    Use a bong instead? It may break the mental connection you have with lighting up
  4. TribbleZA

    Have you watched My Octopus Teacher?

    It is brilliant! I really loved it - I learnt so much from it too.
  5. TribbleZA

    Pretoria power outage

    Really glad my part of the area wasn't affected
  6. TribbleZA

    Things that irritate you - Part 2

    Usually the second one
  7. TribbleZA

    Things that please you...

    Game called Phasmophobia. We play it most nights.
  8. TribbleZA

    Things that please you...

    Yep @Johnatan56 is far away and often drag him to chase ghosts with me :laugh:
  9. TribbleZA

    Things that please you...

    Some people are still paranoid. I do see some on weekends - but during the week there really is no time. And some of them are in different countries
  10. TribbleZA

    Things that please you...

    Spending time with friends at the end of a long day Online of course
  11. TribbleZA

    Mental health. Tips and coping mechanisms

    Agreed - well done. It can only get better from here
  12. TribbleZA

    Mental health. Tips and coping mechanisms

    He has been through hell lately. He is good but evaluates everything he says for yourself. Apart from Mark Manson - I found this guy today and really like the advice he gives - even if you are not into drawing
  13. TribbleZA

    Google maps put information on map

    If it is not information you want Google to have - then take your screenshot and use a graphics program. I have done one in PowerPoint. I had an accident and needed a graphic to load to the police department so I could make a report. But if you want it on the map permanently, open your maps...
  14. TribbleZA

    Mental health. Tips and coping mechanisms

    Good luck with the interview. Just one little thing I want to highlight about the posts above. You probably already know this though. People can be cruel and hurtful. But know that generally, that is because of them, and not because of you. They are possibly struggling with understanding...
  15. TribbleZA

    Mental health. Tips and coping mechanisms

    You did the right thing blocking her. You are not responsible for what she is going through nor are you responsible if she kills herself. Though it is unlikely. Most people who do commit suicide don't threaten people with it.