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  1. TribbleZA

    Azure real world questions

    I am doing my Azure certifications and starting off with Fundamentals AZ-900. You may wonder why an applications trainer wants to do this - and that is an excellent question. There is a very long answer ( a boring one) but the short one is I need to know how things work. I am not from a...
  2. TribbleZA

    Office 365 and working from home

    Because working from home is the current trend, due to the virus, I thought I would share some articles and information that I have come across that may make things easier. Please feel free to do the same. I must point out that I am not an expert and just sharing information I find. Those...
  3. TribbleZA

    6 Underground - Netflix movie

    Mark the date - 13th Dec 2019.
  4. TribbleZA as a resource

    Many of you possibly already know about this resource, but for those that don't, it is invaluable. These are free training courses you can do online to learn Microsoft's new Technologies. I must admit, I felt rather silly not knowing about this :D As a bonus - Microsoft offers a community...
  5. TribbleZA

    Finger lickin’ fake chicken: KFC’s Beyond Chicken

    KFC is testing a new plant based food and calling it Beyond Chicken. Would be keen to try it.
  6. TribbleZA

    Restriction of Apps Script UserProperties Service

    Hi - I got the following from Google. We run a script through Sheets. I guess this is going to affect how we connect and get information from external programs. But I am not sure. Could some of you really clever people explain the message to me? I have the script and can edit it - it looks...
  7. TribbleZA

    [RED ALERT: SPOILERS] Star Trek Picard Trailer

    So looking forward to this !!!!!
  8. TribbleZA

    Editing white balance in Lightroom

    It has been a while since I shot with my lights. Seems I did not have my whitebalance set correctly. As a result, my white backdrop isn't white. How can I change it in Lightroom without messing up the actual person's colours ? I either get them a pinky colour or greyish. I shot both Jpeg...
  9. TribbleZA

    The Secret Life of Pets 2 (All Trailers)

    This looks cute
  10. TribbleZA

    Earth's Ghost Moons

    So it has come to light (1961 about) that the earth has these "Ghost" moons. Two of them in fact. You cannot land on them like we can our other moon. They are patches of cosmic dust that are in orbit about the earth. And it seems they have been for a very long time. It is really difficult...
  11. TribbleZA

    MS PowerBI

    I have recently joined a project introducing a client's employees to Office365 and the Apps they will be using. One being PowerBI. Now I have developed Dashboards in Excel, and I train a Dashboard creation course. But playing with PowerBI, I am totally blown away. Dashboards have never been...
  12. TribbleZA

    Severe: Twitch Stream

    Just a plug for my daughter. She has started a Twitch stream and is hoping to gather a following. She plays CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite (though the admits she sucks at that one). Her IGN is Severe and her boyfriend uses the name Crucial (you may have heard of him in CSGO circles). They will be...
  13. TribbleZA

    Wanted: Comic Con Africa Ticket for Saturday

    Hi - anyone with a spare ticket they want to get rid of for Saturday? I am one short. Daughter's boyfriend would like to go with us. Please PM me with cost if you do have one.
  14. TribbleZA

    [Wanted] Programming Ethics and Documentation course

    I have a client that is looking for a 1/2 to 1 day training course on Programming ethics and documentation. I have not been able to find any in Gauteng. Anyone know of places or people offering such training? Anyone specialising in this field? I have been asked to create one, and while...
  15. TribbleZA

    Play Overwatch FREE this weekend

    For those of you who have not yet tried Overwatch - it is Free this weekend (Blizzard account required)