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    How long does it take for fiber to be up after digging the trenches?

    I am seeing fiber tunnels being dug out in my street. I am very happy to be getting fiber in my area after my 3year struggle with cellc/mtn lte. I am now wondering how long it usually takes? How long did you wait after the installation to get connected? It is done by vuma I believe. Thanks
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    Am I on the 100gb + 100gbLite bundle @Afrihost?

    Apologies if this is a dumb question. I have been on the Afrihost 100gb bundle for a year now. I did the migration end of last year to the new mtn sims. When I select change bundle in my clientzone there is the option of 100gb + 100gb pure for R549 . Right now I am paying R530 a month for 100gb...
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    Anyone else having higher ping than usual to europe servers?

    I am on Afrihost MTN LTE 100gig. My friend(who has the same issue now) is on Telkom ADSL. We are both experiencing higher pings and slow webpages to Europe Ip's/websites. A usual ping to a Europe server gives me between 190-210 ping. Now I am receiving 300 constantly. When I open a site...
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    Does anyone own a fox 1989 VW? I need your help with the fuse box.

    Good day Im hoping someone can help me with my car. I have a VW 1989 fox. I need to know what relays/etc goes into the fuse box. Does anyone here own such a vehicle? I need to know what relays to buy to get it started. I have attached a photo of the fuse box now. Any help is appreciated! This...