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    Do U Buy wholesale/bulk lots of Phones ❔

    Phones/Tech - For Sale Items : 3 Blackberrys, 1 Susan phone, 1 Samsung Galaxy S3 mini , 1 ZTE phone & a Huawei 3G Surf Stick to give U internet access on your laptop/notebook PC WireLessly They All work, U just have to know how to set them up (1 or 2 might need a new battery..) Packaging ...

    Looking for cheap stocks to complete your South African Investing Portfolio ❓

    Stocks - For Sale BUY mine ▶️ I'm selling my 20 Ashburton Midcap ETF shares, 20 KAP Industrial Holdings shares & 10 Growthpoint shares Age : They're all 3 & 1/2 years old Reason for selling : I can't afford the monthly fee of that FNB share investing acct it's in Price : All 3 for R400...

    Question - Selling my JSE stocks

    The Ad Supposed to have clearly stated that this is a long-term investment [they caNt expect us who are totally New to Share Investing , to know that on our own (we don't have anyone in our lives to tell us that either ,& we shouldn't have to google search everything❕)] Because they don't state...

    Question - Selling my JSE stocks

    If I give U all these details, U'll have full control of my account & will just take my shares & wouldn't need to buy them. It's sad U think I'm that stupid

    Question - Selling my JSE stocks

    I agree but which exact details do you need to get past/through FNB ❓

    Question - Selling my JSE stocks

    I'm wanting R575 for All 3

    Question - Selling my JSE stocks

    (Don't laugh guys, FNB' advertising of their share investing acct was misleading...& I was new to this shares stuff) 20 Ashburton Midcap ETF shares, 20 KAP Industrial Holdings shares & 10 Growthpoint shares

    Question - Selling my JSE stocks

    ...I paid R875 for them, If someone can pay me R575 for them, it's theirs
  10. SPERUJ

    Question - Selling my JSE stocks

    Not pay me more, If they bought the same shares Now , they'd probably pay More for it than I did 3 years ago... I paid Alot for them & FNB isNt paying me even 1/4 of the price I paid for them...tnx 4 replying anyway ☹️
  11. SPERUJ

    Question - Selling my JSE stocks

    3 stocks/shares Which I bought through my FNB sharebuilder account. I need to sell them but FNB is Not paying/giving me the price I want for them ,I want to sell them to highest bidder, who can go past FNB (coz FNB is Not supposed to be in the way, preventing people from buying my stocks❗) -...
  12. SPERUJ

    Do you think the recreational use of marijuana should be legalised?

    That's right, people! It's the addicts Who have destroyed this world (when they know so well that This Is the Only place where we can live - & Yet, they're busy destroying it...! ). If U really have guts, U will live continuously sober like us -No guts, No glory ❕
  13. SPERUJ

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    When U open a startup bundle business account, U'll pay NO monthly fees for 6 Months (& U'll get up to 20 free transactions, eNotes..❕)
  14. SPERUJ

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    It can Help pay for my expected/unexpected medical expense/emergency ❕‍
  15. SPERUJ

    Do you think all zoos should be closed?

    I also said Yes, They should close them But Only if they can give them monthly funding to Still properly Care for All those animals
  16. SPERUJ

    What do you do with your e-waste?

    Every township & town is supposed to have at least One e-recycling shop (where we sell our old electronics to them for some pocket-change & they take & go Recycle it somewhere --Its a win-win for all of us ❕)
  17. SPERUJ

    When did you last change banks?

    Years ago (FNB' fees were Better than ABSA' & Std Bank') But now after all the issues I've had with FNB & Tyme Bank' & Discovery Bank' Great Ads everywhere, I'm being tempted to Change banks...
  18. SPERUJ

    Will you stick with Whatsapp?

    Gonna Stop using it... Telegram is winning for now