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    Vodacom Top-up 165 now 175 ?

    I signed up for that great Black Friday special a few months ago: A Nokia 8 Sirocco on a top-up 165 contract. I was paying R165 per month, but for some reason I decided to check the Vodacom App recently and it now says the bill due for the next month is R175, and that it is now a top-up 175...
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    Should I get a credit card?

    Sorry if this seems like a weird question, but I really don't know if I should get one. When I started university 4 years ago, I had a student account (FNB). I got my first job earlier this year (May), and switched to a cheque account. So far I have only been using my debit card for everything...
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    Battlefield 1-PS4-no games after dedicated servers ?

    After dedicated South African servers were introduced a few weeks ago, I cannot get into any Quick Matches. I am also unable to play any Operation games, which is my favourite game mode. Is this because all the Quickmatch games and Operations are only searching for available servers in South...