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  1. jbroo

    So many spam SMSes on Cell C lately...

    Has anyone else noticed this? All, win this, win that, gaming bonanza, etc. I've replied "out", opted out via their webaite and they keep coming. The numbers seem to change every time so pointless blocking them.
  2. jbroo

    Major issues today in KZN?

    @rain_mobile, are you having problems overall or just in Durban today? Ping and jitter has been bad all day, with awful download speeds. My router cannot even ping I've rebooted and reconnected, etc. Tracert shows everything upstream from my router is dead, but I am connected. EDIT...
  3. jbroo

    Brief guide on connection testing with Huawei B2338

    I'm posting this because this topic comes up frequently. So, Rain sent you a Huawei B2338 outdoor LTE router? Cool. Now how do you actually get good speeds with it? Well, to begin with, once you have connected and powered it up, you should be able to open it's admin page at
  4. jbroo

    Monthly usage stats

    @rain_mobile is this still a thing? I don't see it in the app anymore. Although there is no cap, it would be nice to know my monthly usage.
  5. jbroo

    Huawei B311AS-853 LTE Router

    Item name: Huawei B311AS-853 Age and condition: 1 year old. As new. Unused since July 2020. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Got an outdoor CPE Price: R700 Negotiable: No Location: Durban Shipping or collection: Collection preferred, can ship via Postnet at your...
  6. jbroo

    Huawei B311As + Poynting X-POL6

    Huawei B311As LTE router - R700. As new. Bought from Takealot and used for about 6 months. Poynting XPOL-6 outdoor directional LTE antenna - R500. Well weathered but works perfectly. Comes with 10m pigtail and mounting bracket. Based in Durban. Can courier at your expense.
  7. jbroo

    MTN 5G FUP. What a f-up

    "Hey, here's our blazing fast 5G! You can stream at 4K! Downloads complete in seconds! Welcome to the fuuuuture!" 30 min later... "Ah sorry, you passed 200GB. Here's 1mbps." What a joke.
  8. jbroo

    @rain - did you change/fix something?

    @rain_mobile @rain_networks Did you change something on the network? My speed has improved drastically since last night and remained so (touch wood). Same tower/cell, same signal. If it stays this way, this is actually the product i was expecting all along. Has anyone else experienced a sudden...
  9. jbroo

    Rain support forum?

    @rain_mobile @rain_networks Looks like there may be a dedicated rain support forum coming?
  10. jbroo

    MyBB tested the unlimited rain 4G package...
  11. jbroo

    I'll just leave this here

    Every day
  12. jbroo

    Saturday night and Netflix is streaming at 244p, **** yeah!

    Cmon rain, its been 1-2mbps downstream all damn day. I can deal with fluctuations, but then this... And your network isn't even that loaded today.
  13. jbroo

    Any RF/LTE gurus on here?

    What do you guys think about using an SMA T-connector to combine the output from a cross polarised MIMO antenna to one input? My XPOL-6 has 2 male SMA connectors. I believe the housing contains 2 antennas, polarised at 45° and -45°, respectively. My Huawei B311As router only has one female SMA...
  14. jbroo

    A good guide for external antennas, signal and speed