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    Worthwhile VOiP providers

    What are you guys paying for this service?
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    Seagate or WD

    why ?
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    Seagate or WD

    Hi Guys Which one would you choose ? Using it for daily backup. WD Seagate Thanks Kitty
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    Takealot Mobile phones

    Hi Guys Are Takealot phones open line or linked to a particular network? thanks Kitty
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    Ookla speedtest cli repository broken

    yes, for me as well.
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    thank you, that's acceptable to me. Would love to see a Coolideas trace as well.
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    I see both Afrihost and CISP have their fair share of complaints.
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    What is the name of this tool ?
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    Is there a big difference that you are wanting to move?
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    How did it affect you guys ?
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    Why do companies keep the bad ones around, even though they have been complaints about them many times ?
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    What happened ?
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    Inverter usage

    Any idea what sort of time it takes to bring them back to 100% ?
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    Inverter usage

    Hi Guys I need some help to figure out how long a 1440W inverter lasts on a server with a 300W power supply.
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    I have narrowed my ISP choice to these two ISPs, I would love feedback on them. I know there are other options, but I have no choice but to take Mitsol fibre hence these 2 ISPs only. thanks Kitty.
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    Extended Warranties

    Hi Guys Which plans should we be looking at for extended warranties? Vehicle is less than 5 yrs old. thanks Kitty
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    Telkom network blackouts hit fibre customers

    My one question to MyBB - you are very quick to write about every other ISP except the horrible Webafrica? Don't get me wrong, we welcome this, but are you connected with WA in some way?
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    Thinking of taking fibre with Webafrica.

    How it going now ? Did they make things right for you ?
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    Asus laptops

    Hi Guys Interested in purchasing a few laptops for a small office. What are the views on the brand Ausu? I am interested in these.
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    Current best Reseller Hosts in SA

    Me too, I am also sorry. Your prices are great though.