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    Uniterm Direct

    Hi Did anyone had a bad experience yet with Uniterm Direct? How is the after sales service?
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    Wifi Speed

    Hi I got a D-link DSL-2760U ADSL router and would like to know if anybody els got a similar one? I'm trying to do some wifi transfer speed tests but I cant seem to get more than 4Mb\s transfer speed which doesn't make sense. Hardware D-link DSL-2760U ADSL router Edimax 802.11n Wireless...
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    Google: Android didn't copy iPhone

    But making a patent on how the software works is ridicules! Make it so that I cant copy it and only then can you say that you made something unique!
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    ICT ruels in favour of Apple in HTC patent spat

    lol! Yes, but a good thing that someone is hitting back at Apple.
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    Adobeflash now on iPhone, iPad

    Good Adobe (another product with 1000 updates) but its a killer price tag. And this just so that Apple users (which mostly don't even know what flash is) will be able to see it?!
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    Apple employee loses prototype iPhone

    Stupid! Why give your employee a prototype to go home with? :wtf: