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    DHL Express

    Hello, if i want to buy a product online from Europe, can i use a DHL pick up point (locker) as the shipping address? Thank you : )
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    Should I stay with MTN (only need data)?

    My contract is due for an upgrade, MTN is offering me the same plan as the user named PHOBOS in thread Are there better options? Thank you. :)
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    Backup to Google...

    I can't see all the data being backed up anymore, I have Android Orio?
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    Best car insurance?

    Your opinions on the best car insurance? (insurance companies)
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    What whould you do if you need urgent money

    I'm in need of medication but my medical aid does not pay for it. I did not budget for this. I am desperate. I have some studio monitors (speakers) that I can sell at cash converters or cash crusaders but you know how those places rip people off. Should I go for a Nedbank personal loan...
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    New Nedbank Online Banking website?

    Nevermind, my mistake
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    New Nedbank Online Banking website?

    Post moved
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    What was your first mobile phone?

    Mine was an Alcatel OT Easy HF back in 1998. :p After that, I had some Nokia phones. My first Android 'smartphone' was a Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo.
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    Converting MTN Data to Airtime?

    Never mind, I got the answer. : )
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    MWEB Outage??

    I can't access my e-mail...
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    What does this N - shaped dashboard warning sign mean?

    What does this N - shaped dashboard warning sign mean? Thanks,
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    Honor 20 Lite specs and renders leak.

    Stumbled upon this:
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    Hisense Smartphones.

    Why are Hisense Smartphone brands not popular or not well known?
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    What Phone are you using now and what phone do you desire?

    Well, the title of the thread pretty much sums it up : ) I have a Hisense Infinity H12 Lite and I desire a (Don't know yet, probably a Xiaomi or Huawei) How about you?
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    I need to recover my SMS messages.

    Hello, I was robbed of my Samsung J5 a month ago. I have several backups made via smartwatch on my PC. I have a Hisense H12 now and I need to recover my SMS messages. Can anyone please help me to recover my messages? Regards, Mal.
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    I'm not happy with my new phone, mtn

    I was robbed of my Samsung Galaxy J5, 6 months into an MTN (x24 months contract) last week. I did not have insurance. I took out a new contract (MTN on Monday), same as the previous but the salesperson persuaded me to take a Hisense H12 lite handset. I don't like the Hisense, I'm used to...