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    NEW Giveaway! R2,000 up for grabs - Enter here

    The better you drive, the more you earn
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    Synology NAS Giveaway - Enter here

    Sharing files stored on NAS with friends is a breeze. Simply right-click a file or folder and select Share File Links or Create File Requests and a link will then be generated. Your friends can follow the link to download the selected file or folder, or upload files to your NAS, with or without...
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    NEW! ONE-DAY Giveaway - Enter here

    Create & pay with your own virtual card
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    Workday Promotion - Cash giveaway - Enter here

    Finance, HR and planning all in one system
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    The last CASH GIVEAWAY for 2020 - Enter here

    Mimecast Security Awareness Training turns your employees into an active part of your defense and has won awards in doing so.
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    Telkom - No Service

    No service on both of my routers in PE as well.
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    Nedbank Avo Giveaway - Enter Now

    Shop for your home, from home
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    Which Laptop

    Cool, thanks wobbie, glad to hear that you are happy with it. Looks like my brother has some decisions to make. I have shown him this thread so that he can decide for himself.
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    Which Laptop

    Thanks so much for your recommendations. I really appreciate it. Will pass this on to my brother
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    Which Laptop

    Thanks. Will let my bro know
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    Which Laptop

    About 10K. Anything you can suggest?
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    Which Laptop

    Hi Wobbie How is this laptop working for you? My brother is looking to get the exact same one and thought I would check what your experience is first before he goes to buy it.
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa

    Are you using the Smok Nord 2 as a MTL device? I am looking to get one but prefer MTL devices.
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    Vodacom Uncapped Fibre Giveaway - Enter Now

    Super-fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity.
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa

    Would appreciate it if you could pm me as well. My juice supply is starting to dwindle.
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    Business owner being really unfair

    Congrats Cavedog. It's a great move for you. Really happy for you :)