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    Looking for an App

    I'm need something that would let me and my roommates have a central to do list, leave notes, check expenses etc, preferably with push notifications. I'm sure I could set something half decent up with a gmail account and the calendar app but I was wondering if anyone knew of any app that could...
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    Cracked Screen Repair

    So I was outside the library this morning with my phone on my lap. Stood up and it fell, cracking the screen (glass not LCD) pretty badly. I would take it in to iFix right away but I have exams in 2 days. Does anyone know the turn around time for a repair like this? I imagine it is 2 to 3 days...
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    The Masters

    Ok, so next week Thursday The Masters start. It is probably the 1st or 2nd most important tournament for pretty much any player and is known for its excitement and pure awesomeness. Who is watching? Who is more excited then me? Who is your pick to win?
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    iPhone and iPod touch- What happens now?

    So the iPhone 5 is rumored to be getting a taller 4" screen breaking away from the 3,5" that has been standard since 2007. It is going to have a new aspect ratio and resolution as well as a bigger form factor. Now the iPod touch currently has the same screen as the iPhone, will it go to the...
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    Best iPhone Covers

    Got a 4S and bought a Ozaki cover to go along with it. Really nice and thin, made from a decent quality plastic...or so I thought. Lately it has developed bubbles on the back. Like it has deformed and won't lie flat on the back. Very annoying. I'm wondering if anyone knows of some good, thin...
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    When you guys got your iPhone. Did you activate it and allow it to run dead before fully charging it or did you charge it straight from the box?
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    So after another disappointing loss to your holyness Richie and Dan, I think it is time for a dedicated Bok thread to analyze, plan and discuss the merits and failures of our beloved green and gold. I dont think it should go under the general rugby thread since stuff tends to get lost in there...