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    VDSL only 10 up ?

    Is anyone on VDSL getting above 10Mbps up speed ? Ping: 18ms Download: 39.99Mbps Upload: 9.48Mbps with these stats Status: Up Line Standard: G.993.2_Annex_B Current Rate(Up/Down): 10240/45055 kbps...
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    ADSL /VDSL help

    Hi Been a while since I worked with DSL , but looking at upgrading a line Line is 100% stable and has been for more than 3 years (Backup line) Speedtest : Mybroadband on a speed capped account 10Mbps Ping: 24ms Download: 9.93Mbps Upload: 0.61Mbps Ping 24ms a concern ? Line attenuation...
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    No static IP possible on Fibre - office complex

    Hi Client ordered a static IP with 50/50 line openserve fibre from Supersonic Line was installed, 2 weeks later to be told no static IP was possible - reason its a office complex Normal standard office complex, 3 double story buildings with 25 offices each approx Anyone cast any light on...