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  1. HvRooyen

    Solar vs heat pump in Cape Town

    Long time user of evacuated tube solar, in the interior of the country. Now looking at retrofitting an existing resistive element geyser in Cape Town. I would imagine solar water heating is pretty useless during the winter in CT, making a heat pump the better solution? Anyone with experience...
  2. HvRooyen

    Digikey: Additional import costs?

    Does anyone have experience buying from I was about to order something from them (Prices quoted in ZAR, no indication of overseas origin, "free shipping"), when the following popped up: Your order will ship UPS Worldwide Saver Incoterms:‏ CPT (Duty, customs, and taxes due at time...
  3. HvRooyen

    Really weird VPN issues

    (Posting in this area because I suspect the problem may be due to changes on MTN network) Over the last few months I have noticed that my VPN connection to home has gone flaky: I would open an internet connection from my laptop over a tethered HTC Touch Pro (WinMo 6.1), then VPN to my home...