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    Is this symbol for Vodacom VoLTE?

    Is this symbol next to 4G for VoLTE on vodacom?
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    MTN - Why isn't there any more hype?

    Hi, I was wondering, I am a Vodacom subscriber. (EDIT- Sorry, I'm asking about MTN) I don't see any news or complaints or any more hype about them. It's always the other networks that are mentioned each day. Is this because they are better than these other networks, are they actually doing...
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    Renew Contract over phone - DONT

    This is the second time this is happening to me, someone calls from vodacom and explains to you they have a better solution and lower price plan. I've repeatedly asked and confirmed certain facts, some of them were, 1. I will be able to transfer recurring airtime (no mention of a fee) to any...
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    Hi , Hope someone who has some know-how about SARS and Efiling can shed some light and safe my life. On the VAT return I submitted according to Pastel's report, the amount for Input Tax was captured correctly according to me. I was then told that Input tax invoices was captured in the wrong...
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    Cancellation - 084 143 number doesn't exist

    Hi, Regarding the agreement that was broken between MTN and CellC - my area isn't covered anymore. Two technicians told me that I should either cancel my contract, or choose another one. I'm nt going to choose another one, hallo, the area isn't covered. I don't get through to 084 143, if I...
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    CellC and Wireless

    Hi guys, December 2018 I was fed up with my ADSL which was doing 1mb instead of 10. (went on for years). Could barely facebook, stream anything. Anyway, Cellc was advertising their 200gb package with B618 router. I though now this is what I need. 4 months later, the router keeps on...
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    Deep Cool Earlcase

    So, I am starting to slowly build myself a gaming PC, not that big to start off with, but decided to get a Deepcool EarlKase RGB. I know some basics but I'm not an expert - yet. I was able to get the LED working, but not the 3 button LED settings on top of the case. I believe it's the middle...
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    Wireless - Best Effort Sharing

    Hi all, I want to get wireless internet,- in the fine print of the contract, it states their best effort service is not guaranteed lets say at 10mbps. They say my speed will be dependent on what my neighbors with the same ISP are doing. Howcome so ?
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    FNB Fusion

    So I walk into FNB to change my email address, and the consultant immediately asked me if I would like to convert to Fusion it's a better account and whot not. In the end I converted. However, he said when I receive my salary I should move it out completely out of the fusion account - and within...
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    Pastel Partner 18

    Hi guys, We use Pastel Partner V18. Now since when we started using it even before 2009, a very annoying error keeps coming up when checking history, and while busy in the edit inventory window. It happens randomly, after 1 item check, or 5, or 20, it doesn't matter. Basically, anything...
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    Prepaid Meter Installation - Duplex

    Hi, Here's the situation. I live in a duplex, where the owner receives a electricity bill and he splits it up between us, which is unfair in my opinion. I now wish to get myself a prepaid meter. However, if I am not mistaken, it's not allowed to have 2 meters on one property. Is there any...
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    Vodacom: Handset not ringing

    A few people I know also complains about this, when someone is calling from either a mobile phone or telkom line to our cellphones the calling party can hear it rings on their handset, however, the handset of the called party never rings, and just goes to voicemail. There is no call waiting...
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    Zyxel Router + Range extender

    Hi, I'm using 2 Zyxel routers, one connecting to the wallsocket and the other on the other side of the house connecting via lan cable. The problem: (there's no wifi signal problems with both routers) The problem comes when all works fine, and suddenly no device can connect to the access...