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  1. Yenolo

    Switch to Afrihost?

    I'm currently with Telkom/Openserv and I'm very unhappy with Telkom as their billing dept really sucks. I have 11 months of a 24 month contract, (more like a sentence), to complete but would really like to switch to Afrihost whom I was with previously when I had ADSL and they still host my email...
  2. Yenolo

    Telkom fibre - never again!

    Last year fibre was introduced to my area by Openserve. I was on an ADSL line with Afrihost but Telkom were offering a 25Mbps fibre line for R699 p/m on a two year contract with a 'free' router. Stupidly I signed up for this deal and fibre was duly installed. All went okay for a couple of...
  3. Yenolo

    Telkom Unlimited FTTH Uncapped billing

    Earlier this year Openserv installed fibre in my street so I changed from my DSL Afrihost service to Openserv/Telkom 20 Mbps fibre at R699.00 p/m on a 24 month contract. All had been going well and I was paying R699 up until last month when I receive my monthly bill for over R1100.00! I queried...
  4. Yenolo

    How do I verify a PayPal account?

    Hi, Please can someone advise how the heck a person verifies their PayPal account? This has driven the wife and I nuts for several weeks now. She has an FNB account and has opened a PayPal account, we have completed all the steps that we can find on PayPal and been to FNB online banking to link...
  5. Yenolo

    Telkom Fibre - Disapointing service.

    I recently had my 10mbps ADSL line migrated to a new fibre line, as fibre has just been rolled out in my area. Afrihost was my ISP when I had ADSL but as Telkom were offering an uncapped, 20 Mbps package for just R699 p/m, including modem and installation - as long as I signed up for 24 months...
  6. Yenolo

    iPhone on Vodacom network?

    Hi, I've been wanting an iPhone4 but I have a contract with CellC, (still 18 months to run on it). As I'm sure we all know CellC don't do iPhones :(. I decided to take out another contract with Vodacom to get an iPhone. My plan is to use my CellC sim card in the new iPhone as I need that...