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    Apple Surpassed Samsung to Become the World’s Largest Smartphone Maker in Q4 2020
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    Oneplus 6, 8GB/128GB storage, Silk White, 30 months young, R4500 negotiable

    Item: Oneplus 6, Silk white, 8GB/128GB storage Contract or Cash phone: Cash Dual sim / Single Sim: Physical Dual SIM Age: 30 months roughly Price: R4500 R4100 R3900 Warranty: Expired Packaging: Complete Condition: Excellent Location: JHB and surrounds Reason: Upgrade Shipping: No Collection...
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    iPad Air 4 (2020) 64gb WIFI, Green

    Item: iPad Air 4 (2020) 64gb wifi green Contract or Cash Device: cash 3G/Wifi: wifi Dual sim / Single Sim: na Age: 1 week Price: R11 900 Warranty: 11 months and some change Packaging: Complete Condition: New - Excellent Location: JHB and surrounds Reason: 60hz screen not doing it for me...
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    OnePlus 8 series

    Launching soon...
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    Oneplus 5T Star Wars Edition

    Item: Oneplus 5T Star Wars Edition Contract or Cash phone: Cash Dual sim / Single Sim: Dual Sim Age: January 2018 Price: R4900 Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: 8/10 Location: Johannesburg and surrounds Reason: Upgrade Shipping: Maybe Collection: Definitely Link: This OnePlus 5T Limited...
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    Remote software alternative - Teamviewer commercial use suspected

    So I been using Teamviewer for the last 10 years or so and nothing!!!!..... and I mean nothing comes close!!! However, I been using the free version and for the most part, despite using it more than what would be classified as casually, it's been warning free. Okay, if I'm being honest I...
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    Renault SA crap incompetent service!! Bunch of clueless clowns!!

    Man I'm so fcking pissed off right now. Need to try and calm down and compose myself before typing this tirade. April 2018 I bought a 2015 Megane III GT220 from Group 1 Renault The Glen. The vehicle had 15000km on the clock and although 3 years old was basically brand new. Late December 2018...
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    Oneplus 6T

    Oneplus, for me, is the most exciting up and coming brand, although these days they're more of an established brand than an up and coming one. Their next flagship is probably around 2-3 months away from launching. Let's discuss it here....
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    Jailbreak released for iOS 11.x

    It's out!!! Happy days are here again!!
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    U20 Rugby World Cup 2018

    First :p
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    Official Junior (U20) Rugby World Cup 2015 Thread
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    Multify side-by-side multitasking for iOS, jailbreak app...

    Unfortunately only available on jailbroken devices and at the cost of $5. IMHO well worth it though, this is a tremendous app which brings true side by side multitasking to your iDevice and revolutionizes how we interact with our iDevices. I am currently running this app on my iPad Air and...
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    iOS 7 Jailbreak
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    50 Reasons why the iPhone 5 is better than the Galaxy S3.
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    iPad 4 Crushes The PS Vita In Graphics Performance
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    Saffers playing rugby abroad....

    Thought it would be interesting. I often wonder about a particular player and what happened to them. I'll be watching Heineken Cup and up he will pop. Would love a list of South Africans currently playing abroad.
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    U20 Rugby World Cup - SA 2012

    There is no better indication of the health of a nations rugby fraternity than how the U20 perform on the international stage. This years U20 World Cup kicks off in a little under 2 hours in Cape Town South Africa!!!
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    Install Android 2.2.1 Froyo on iPhone 3G Quite interesting. Would love to see how this runs...
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    HTC Tytn II under performing, fact or fiction?