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  1. kaisterkai

    Using iPad as a Primary Device

    Hi, Just want to find out what is the challenges of someone using only their iPad as a Primary device? But still have a windows computer on the side for bigger work Let me know, I'm thinking of just buying an iPad and not a MacBook.
  2. kaisterkai

    Buying MacBook Air 13" 2018 and iPad Pro 2018 (New)

    Hi all, I hope this brings you well. I just want to know what everyone's thoughts are in buying both the MacBook and the iPad. I have a windows computer at work, and a Windows computer at home, but it quite good, not old. I had a Macbook Book Air 13" 2015 and iPad Air 2, which I recently...
  3. kaisterkai

    E5186s-61a with a RAIN

    Hi all, I just want to know if anyone has a problem with their RAIN sim in a E5186s-61a router? I bought their SIM card, so I have E5885Ls and the SIM picks up signal and works, but as soon as I put it in the E5186s-61a router, there is no signal. And I am able to pick up MTN, Cell C signal...