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  1. BrendanMc

    Data vanished

    Anyone else have their data disappear over this past weekend of the 22nd/23rd May 2021? Both my wife and I's phone have no data. I know I had about 500MB left from Thursday/ Friday, but we were both home all weekend and connected to wifi. My wife had significantly more, but I noticed last night...
  2. BrendanMc

    Outlook 2019 & Cybersmart

    Morning, Hoping someone can assist, i recently upgraded a clients pc, and installed Office 2019 for him. He was using one of the earlier versions, 2010 or thereabouts. I am having an issue getting the mail to work via outlook 2019. The server settings are correct, but i get an error with the...
  3. BrendanMc

    Heart Bypass

    So who here has had a heart bypass? Just trying to get a bit of advice from people that have been through the experience and can offer some insight. Thanks
  4. BrendanMc

    Amazon Echo Dot

    So I was lucky enough to win one of these, and it is really a great little device. I see recently they launched a Spartan skill, which i have enabled, but for some reason when i ask Alexa to open it, it tells me that my language isn't supported. My location etc is all set up correctly, and all...