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  1. skinndeep

    Nando's Account

    Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with this. Our company buys Nando's daily, and I am sick to death of constantly getting petty cash or paying every time we order. I want to create a prepaid account at Nando's that I only pay once a month. I called our branch and they said...
  2. skinndeep

    Proper mens winter coats in South Africa

    Hi Guys So I am going to Europe in 2 weeks time and in need of a proper winter coat to deal with the cold there. Does anyone know where I can go try some on? I have been to Zara and they didn't have as it is the summer season here. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. skinndeep

    Renault Spares

    Hi Guys I drive a Renault Clio mk3. Any chance of a spares place? Like Bishopautospares in Edenvale. I'm based in the east. Thanks in advance
  4. skinndeep

    Cleaning White Canvas shoes

    Hi Guys I have heard, that using maize meal to clean white canvas shoes. But there are so many variations to the way its used, I have been told to use it raw but others say I must cook it first. Could you guys clarify what I need to do? Or if it works? Thanks in advance
  5. skinndeep

    Jawbone UP3

    Whats going on with Jawbone? They have been accepting pre-orders for the UP3 since last year and promised it would be sent out by Feb 2015. We sitting in March and no communication from their side? Has anyone pre-ordered the device? I like the data the UP24 provides, from the claims, it seems a...