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    Wikipedia Migrates to MariaDB

    We all predicted this way back when, everything Oracle touches in the Open Source world leads to a slow death for that project. Java, OpenOffice, MySQL, etc. On another note, I never even heard of MariaDB, but then again I'm not into software/web development...
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    What Linus and Linux taught me... Very interesting talk, raises some controversial points.
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    KDE thumbs up Wayland

    It seems the only company in Linux land that does not want to support Wayland is Canonical (Ubuntu), surprise , surprise...
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    KDE Goes Slim Would love to try this on my netbook! Seems interesting. Follow the progress here...
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    Fuduntu Calls it Quits So Gnome 2 is now finally dead and laid to rest it seems. And in other news, KDE 3.5 still churns on... not that I know of anyone who is using it.
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    How to test and report a fault

    After reading a few horribly incomplete fault reports, I decided to put this together to: Help troubleshoot the problem Help ISP to determine where the fault is Give a more complete fault report to help the ISP troubleshoot DO NOT BE LAZY! If you cannot take the time to type out a complete...
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    Potchefstroom water crisis

    There has been a water shortage/crisis in Potchefstroom since last week and Friday leaving the whole town without water and no immediate estimate on when it will be restored. "Human error" seems to be to blame, that and the fact that residents do not heed to restrictions, watering gardens...
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    First person ever convicted for killing a Great White shark I'm in two minds about this ruling. As an avid fly-fisherman, therefore a fisherman - generalizing here, I'm worried about this section...
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    Sharemax, finally some headway

    Some people on here may find this useful, finally there is a ruling out recognizing the scheme as a Ponzi scheme: So we now have a recourse to take the matter up with The Office of the Ombud for...
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    Garmin GPS hacking

    This is probably where this should go, talking about GPS systems. I would like to know from all the experienced users out there if there is a way to get more out of your Garmin GPS (200W). Someone recently gave me their old 200W and when I went to see what a new map set would be I was very...
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    Gimp Tutorial: Colourize B&W photos

    Found this little gem of a tutorial:
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    New S7 Slim rom!

    Finaly there is a reason to flsh a rom for the S7 Slim, because... it is CM9/10! :D When I have a few minutes spare over the next few days I'm so going to flash this!
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    End of the road for Ubuntu Tweak

    It is a short announcement, so I'll just repost it all here: You can read the rest here:
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    Cinnarch - a Arch Linux and Cinnamon marriage Another Arch flavour, this time with Cinnamon as the WM. Looks beautiful and easy to install, will download now and give it a test.
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    SC2 - Heart of the swarm BETA

    Anyone here got into the BETA? It was released the 3rd I think. I have no chance, seeing I'm a Linux user. :(
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    Google/Motorola VS Apple Could not find any news on this anywhere on the site and I'm surprised that everyone missed this.
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    Increase KDE performance

    I have always been on the lookout for an app or setting to squeeze that extra few milliseconds out of KDE, and I have found a gem. By default QT is rendered by X11/XRender and that makes it quite sluggish. I have not seen this option before, but check out -> System settings -> Desktop Effects...
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    First time Windows 7 installation

    This is the first PC I ever installed Windows 7 on (don't get me started), and I was wondering what essential programs Windows need on a fresh install. My frustration is endless since there is no central repository for software, I would have thought MS would have figured that out by now...
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    Windows 8 "catastrophe" driving Valve Linux

    Windows 8 "catastrophe" driving Valve to Linux
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    LbreOffice for Android

    It is edging its way to completion, almost there...