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    Faulty Xbox One For Sale

    Selling my Faulty Xbox One. It comes with two controllers, and two GENERIC chargers. Price = NEGOTIABLE. Please take note of the following: The Xbox One doesn't want to switch on. I've had it for a few years now. It's missing the two small screws. The Xbox has been opened by myself. The two...
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    Samsung cell phones, a Samsung watch, and Samsung tablet

    I'm selling brand new Samsung cell phones, a Samsung watch, and a Samsung Tablet with the S Pen included. Samsung Galaxy S10 is a 128GB - Prism White. - Brand new, less than a year old - R13 000 Samsung Galaxy A50 is a 128GB - White. - Brand new, less than a year old - R5 500 Samsung Galaxy...
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    What type of tv do I buy for next gen consoles?

    This might be a very stupid question:notworthy:, but my current tv won't be up-to-standard with the next gen of Xbox. I am currently gaming on my Xbox One, on a normal tv that supports HDMI. Ideally I'd like a smart tv, with epic graphics that my next gen console will thrive on. I did a little...
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    Credit bureau

    I've recently paid off my credit, but my credit score is still negative. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to wait until the 1st of September, or if there's another way that I can do it
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    Suzuki Baleno owners?

    Greetings, I'm looking to buy my very 1st car, and I'm really interested in the Baleno. I would like to know how current Baleno owners are enjoying (or hating) the car. I'm aware that the new Baleno is being released in Sept. Are you thinking of trading in your current car for the newer one...
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    Wanted - A panel van

    Hi, I'm unsure if anyone is selling an automatic panel van (2015+), but I'm posting this here just incase. Must have a sliding door (or two) Must be AUTOMATIC Vehicle can also be any brand of panel van, but nothing too big like the H1, Vito, and so forth.
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    Cancelling new vodacom contract

    My vodacom contract is 5 days old today. I took a 2-for-1 deal, which is the Samsung S10e and the Samsung A30. They didn't have the S10e on display in-store, so I could've prevented this issue of disliking the phone this much. My current Huawei Mate 10 Pro feels far superior to the S10e...
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    I work for a well respected company and I have the opportunity to submit some tenders under the company's name. The only problem is that I have never done it before. What I need to do is find (and hopefully "win") a telecommunications tender. 1) Is bidding for a tender really hard to do? 2)...
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    TFSA, or? (Need advice)

    Hi peeps, Basically I have a 45-day notice account with Standard Bank. I was wondering if the following would be a good idea: 1. Transfer R33 000, which is the TFSA yearly limit, from my notice account to the TFSA. 2. Save between R4000 - R5000 every month in my notice account to save up...
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    Powerline Adaptor or Mesh Wifi

    I've always known a bit about Powerline, and since owning one it has worked well for me. I know that in simple terms a wifi extender basically repeats a weak wifi signal and is therefore a waste of money. The router is currently in the lounge and we have a 100mbps fibre line with OpenServe. A...
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    Solar panels?

    Hi all, Since yesterday I've been thinking about cryptoming but only using Solar Panels to solely focus on the cryptoming (and maybe my bedroom incase there's load shedding) I have read a bit about people saying that clouds and night times will play its part with the Solar Panels, but I would...
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    Looking for a fibre optics related job

    Greetings to you all. I'm specifically asking, on behalf of my younger brother, if you know (or are hiring) Fibre Optic Technicians. He matriculated last year, and has since done a course at Triple Play Fibre Optic Solutions. He's desperately looking to gain experience, but unfortunately most...
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    Standard Bank Online Notice Account

    I'm busy with an application for a 45 day (I think 42 day) Notice Account I have a few questions 1. Online it asks if I want to "Capatalize interest". I don't know what that means. 2. Is it compound interest?
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    12 month mobile contract?

    I am aware of Apple's "iphone upgrade program", but I'm not a fan of iphone. 24 month contracts are way too long in my opinion, and I was wondering if there's any 12 month contracts out there?
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    Not sure what to study

    I would like to study engineering. I like the idea of designing something big/important and figuring out the best way to do it. Unfortunately I suck at math. My imagination has gone wild, I've been thinking about something to do with water a lot. A marine biologist? But again, math.. I have a...
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    Savings/Investment account

    Hello to all of you :) I'm having a hard time deciding on which bank to use with some money that I want to either put in a savings account, or an investment account. Realistically I'd like to have put away R65 000 of my own money and then withdraw some of it to use over December of this year...
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    Where to buy headphones online?

    I'm looking for a good pair of headphones. Takealot is charging a bit more than other stores. Should I rather buy through them or do you perhaps know a good online store?
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    Help me choose what to start trading

    Hello all, I have spent a few weeks trying to learn the stock market. In essence it's not a difficult subject, but it's a bit complicated when there's a lot of different opinions on different companies, risks, and so forth. I do understand that there's risks involved in basically every form of...
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    Web Squad ISP

    Hello. So, I need a new ISP and Web Squad is offering a 1000/100 promo for a whole year for about R1499pm (if I'm not mistaken) on Vumatel. Thereafter you can pay R5999pm when the promo ends, but I asked and the lady said that it's totally fine if after the promo I downgrade to their 200/200...