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    Seagate or WD

    Hi Guys Which one would you choose ? Using it for daily backup. WD Seagate Thanks Kitty
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    Takealot Mobile phones

    Hi Guys Are Takealot phones open line or linked to a particular network? thanks Kitty
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    Inverter usage

    Hi Guys I need some help to figure out how long a 1440W inverter lasts on a server with a 300W power supply.
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    Cool ideas vs Afrihost

    I have narrowed my ISP choice to these two ISPs, I would love feedback on them. I know there are other options, but I have no choice but to take Mitsol fibre hence these 2 ISPs only. thanks Kitty.
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    Extended Warranties

    Hi Guys Which plans should we be looking at for extended warranties? Vehicle is less than 5 yrs old. thanks Kitty
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    Asus laptops

    Hi Guys Interested in purchasing a few laptops for a small office. What are the views on the brand Ausu? I am interested in these.
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    Need DDR4 memory

    Hi guys I am looking for the following memory for a laptop. Any idea where I can get it? Laptop is a Lenovo ideapad 130-15IKB ====== Northbridge Intel Kaby Lake rev. 08 Southbridge Intel Coffee Lake-U/Y PCH rev. 21 Bus Specification PCI-Express 3.0 (8.0 GT/s) Graphic Interface PCI-Express...
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    Thinking of taking fibre with Webafrica.

    Hi Guys I am thinking of taking the WA 200mbps package, would love to get some feedback.
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    Afrihost Cloud hosting

    Hi Guys, I notice competitive pricing on Afrihost Cloud hosting - is anyone them? What is the feedback like? Any chance of nested virtualization on these offerings or LXC? Thanks Kitty
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    RAIN 19 hrs Video and VPN

    Hi Guys, I do have Rain 24 hrs, but I am keen to find out the Video experience and also VPN experience on the 19 hr package. I get horribly video experience one we have 2 or 3 devices on Youtube and VPN is close to 1mbps. thanks Kitty
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    UPS with monitoring software

    Hi Guys I am looking for a UPS the has monitoring software included. Should be below R1000. I looked at KStar/ Eaton/ Mercer, all these don't come with software Thanks Kitty
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    Do hosting companies use Hardware or Software RAID?

    Just curious if software RAID is becoming more popular?
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    Looking for feedback about A2hosting

    Hi Guys Anyone using A2hosting? I am keen to get feedback on their Runway 4 package. Thanks Kitty
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    Is Rain 19 hrs speed restricted as well ?

    I spoke to a Rain support agent and they confirmed both deal 19hrs and 24 hrs are restricted to 10 Mbps. Can anyone confirm this ? thanks Kitty
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    CPU Benchmark

    Hi guys. When you are buying Servers, do you pay attention to the CPU-B score? thanks Kitty.
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    Best pen and pad for annotating

    Hello Guys Any thoughts on what one should spend for a decent pen/pad for annotating? We need it for teaching purposes. thanks Kitty.
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    Low energy due to Covid

    HI Guys, Is there anything better than this for low energy due to Covid ? thanks Kitty
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    Purified Water

    HI guys Any idea where I can buy purified water in smaller quantities, like 2 litires? I want it to mix a solution for nebulizing. thanks Kitty
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    Hetzner Server Auction

    Hi Guys I came across the Hetzner server action through a post by @cavedog. I am considering a server for backup purposes - will be backing up my Xneelo machine. Would you take an I7 or a Xeon E3...