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    WebAfrica - Fibre Speed and Router (Billion) Wifi Issue

    Thanks guys, i connected the TP Link, its okayish, not the best, but atleast things are better now :)
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    Wifi Repeater - TP LINK Router

    Hi guys I need a repeater for a TP link router. I want to extend to a building outside my house 15m. There is signal, but 1 bar, on WIFI, i have connectivity, but want to try and see if i can enhance the signal to that building. I only want 2.4ghz signal this is fine. I am using a TP Link C20...
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    WebAfrica - Fibre Speed and Router (Billion) Wifi Issue

    Hi guys Need some help / guidence. I recently upgraded to fibre, from a 4mb DSL (that was not so good from the start) to 100MB Uncapped Fibre. I have a Billion 7800NX router, which has been my router for years. I think it only supports 802.11bgn. Not Ac ax etc. I have found that if im on wifi...
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    Sell PC AMD A8-5600K - NZXT Tower

    Hi guys Just checking, i have this PC i want to sell. Not sure what i can still get for it. Can anyone advise (Its box only, no monitors etc) Summary Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - FORMATTED CPU AMD A8-5600K Trinity 32nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 837MHz Motherboard...