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    PPPOE working but modem is not?

    Hi I've been having severe and frequent service interruptions for a while. Been raising it with customer support and it came to a point of issuing a new password for me to connect via pppoe to test the line two days ago. Earlier today my internet went down and I tried connecting via pppoe...
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    Swapping board instead of battery

    Anyone know why Huawei is swapping the board in my phone instead of the battery which seems to be running out of life?
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    Huawei service centre

    Took my mate 20 pro in to huawei service centre to replace the battery under their R199 campaign. Besides them not actually changing the battery, trying to clone my phone without my permission, and a myriad of excuses that don't make sense, I'm now left with a weird black dot on the screen just...
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    Waiting on CoolIdeas

    Hi I signed up with CISP (switched from another isp) and was hoping to have my internet access ready seamlessly. Metrofibre has confirmed the line has been released too. Can someone from CISP please call me urgently and arrange for the modem to be delivered and my service to be activated ASAP...
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    The End of eBucks ( we know it)?

    I've been an active proponent of FNB's loyalty program but lately (with my overall experiences of their depreciating customer service standards, offerings and now the loss of Dischem, Makro, etc.) I'm getting the very distinct impression that the end is here... do any of you also feel the same...
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    C-Fibre vs MindTheSpeed

    Hi all I'm planning to switch ISP's. My network is with Metrofibre and I'm based in Sunninghill. Anyone have recommendations on C-Fibre and MindTheSpeed (MTS) ? I've read a couple of reviews here but not entirely convinced as of the varying opinions I've seen lately. I asked both to get in...