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    SAPO employees stole millions in grants in 2020

    How many of these workers got fired? How many were charged in court with fraud? How does the state plan to retrieve the money? As long as there are no sanctions or consequences .....
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    Netflix warns it will have to slash its library in South Africa to meet local content quotas

    Sadim in action again. The moment that government gets involved ....
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    These 4 South African publications have over 5 million readers

    It will be interesting to see the subscriber numbers of each. I read google news and it often happens that you open a link to e.g. news24, just to be informed: "This content is for subscribers only." Now does that count as a unique browse?
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    DStv Explora Ultra now supports YouTube

    Astonishing news!! I am so glad for you!
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    These are the common items the SA Post Office wants private couriers to stop delivering

    Or like someone I know who always ordered an additional bottle of wine in order to qualify for free delivery. :) Worked great until the whole package was delayed due to the prohibition. :(
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    National strike in South Africa unless big salary increases given

    I recently read that the number of new civil servants is still increasing...
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    Outage on Standard Bank online and mobile banking

    And this is how one of the "big banks" rolls. It is not as if they are unaware of the problem. It happens every month, over and over and yawn.
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    When you can face criminal charges for tax mistakes

    I fail to understand why SARS would want to demonize law abiding citizens, while we all know that there are corrupt politicians out there getting away with murder.
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    SABC retrenches over 600 workers

    I understood that the SABC is launching three new TV stations in the next three months, a sports channel and two entertainment channels. Who is going to run these if they are retrenching people?
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    Powership contract will cost South Africa R218 billion - CSIR

    Government can rather use that money to subsidize private consumers to install solar panels.
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    You can now tip car guards without cash

    I can't (pay R5 tax) tip every time that I go to town to buy a bread. Thus I avoid the smaller centers surrounded by beggars as far as possible. Now the Mall. There you will find two guys. The trolley guy that will often follow you like a shadow when you struggle out of the center with a...
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    What you can't buy without a TV Licence

    True but I still came here just for the comments
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    This is what the SABC must do to get MultiChoice and Netflix to collect TV licence fees

    Good luck in defining that "household". With people getting married, divorced, moving house, etc.
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    Telkom expects major earnings increase

    Good for them but still good riddance!
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    We subscribed to News24’s new digital subscription service - Details

    All the licence fees and all the bad management decisions couldn't put humpty dumpty together again...
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    Load-shedding – Eskom uses its 3 days in one weekend

    I thought that the closure of industries like Saldanha Steel and now two Sappi Paper Mills and various others plus factories like Volkswagen going off grid would reduce long term demand sufficiently so that the rest of us, who reduced our demand with gas stoves, LED's etc., would have no problem...
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    Big online shopping plans for Makro and Game to take on Takealot

    The local brick and mortar store can't even deliver on the items they advertise on special. Took me three weeks after paying for a tv to get it. "No sir it will be here on Monday." "You must understand that the bigger stores enjoy preference, and then we will receive our stock." "We received...
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    DStv asks Premium subscribers to return for live sport

    Once upon a time in South Africa ..... The premium package became too expensive and I downgraded to a lower package, still enjoying EPL. End of the football season I temporarily terminated with the idea to return at the start of the new season. Meanwhile the dog chewed the decoder wires and...
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    What will happen to Nu Metro after lockdown

    Some (not all) of these theaters are so expensive and as a result attract so few visitors that no-one will notice if they remove some of the seats.