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    KZN izinduna under attack JOHANNESBURG - Being an induna in KZN has become so lucrative that people are now killing for the position, that’s the belief of a cultural expert. More than 25 traditional leaders have been killed in the province since 2019. Traditional...
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    COVID vaccines create 9 new billionaires with combined wealth greater than cost of vaccinating world’s poorest countries Clearly no one is befitting from this at all.....
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    Mangaung Shutdown | Residents of Bloemfontein protest against poor service delivery, nepotism

    Not really seeing news articles about this. According to the grapevine it's chaos in the CPD with a bomb threat to the municipality, malls being in imminent danger of being looted, schools being empty and the general area's being evacuated. EDIT...
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    Viewpower shows Battery at 100% but UPS immedietely dies when power cuts or self test is run.

    Mecer UPS Had to connect the PC to power directly to test, when it does the 10 second self test the fault alarm starts and does not stop..... no faults are actually recorded on the software. Is it the battery or the UPS that died? What kind of doorstop do I have now? Is there a way to force...
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    This laptop has seven screens, but only 28 minutes battery life

    I have zero ideas on how I would use it...... but I WANT it.
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    Wanting to make soya yogurt.

    I think I have built up a lactose intolerance or allergy and am thinking about switching to soya but.... no local shop stocks either the right protein or yogurt for a starter. What online stores are good options?
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    Unable to Access Windows shares from anything else.

    Once again taking the plunge into Linux partly due to taking a break from gaming for a while..... I noticed something odd while trying to get filesharing to work, I thought it was Linux to blame but after thinking to test Android it turns out it's windows. 1-Both Android and Linux clients can...
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    What charities do you donate to

    As thread title
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    Notebook Power adapters interchangability.

    I have a very old HP Notebook, it's power adapted died. The only other one I have is rated at 1.5V higher and .25A lower, both end up at about 65W..... it works for the notebook..... is there a risk using it long term?
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    Why you should invest in Microsoft Certifications through Mecer Inter-Ed Very nice but why does everything happen in 5 days and why no pricing anywhere? Someone win a tender?
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    Merriam-Webster lists ‘sexual preference’ as ‘offensive’ after Amy Coney Barrett spat

    For those that claim dictionaries are never changed to promote ideologies... behold
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    Yoghurt Maker Replacement

    My yoghurt maker poofed it's last anything..... think it's element wore out. Trouble is I have all these Severin jars now and can't find any new makers anywhere? Even just searching for any new one I can just find questionable wantitall or importitall models except for this...
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    Excel pivot table changes entirely when I click on "enable editing"

    This is a wtf situation, I have to work with a spreadsheet received from a client. The pivot table is well formatted visually, for some reason it opens in protected view and the yellow "enable editing" button shows, so to do anything at all I click it..... the entire pivot table looses all...
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    Dave Slade | "The Christ Virus"

    Just leaving this here. Dave Slade, author of "The Christ Virus," points out some intriguing and even eerie similarities in his book published in 2012 that coincide with the Covid-19 pandemic and hysteria. Add it to the list of fiction books that speculated somthing like C-19 happening.
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    New Conspiracy Theory that..... kinda explains more than is comfortable

    Could be complete hogwash but.... is actually a good explanation of why these sudden worldwide riots came out of nowhere with the rioters completely ignoring C-19. Either way it's interesting. NOTE...
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    Vodacom Robot voice Faux Pas

    I just got another call from my overly friendly vodascum robot about yet another stupid competition (where you jump through hoops and are expected to get exited and so on) and got doubly irritated..... the guy clearly has no concept of how you say Ahwhe. He did the heresy of shouting aaaawheeeh...
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    Is There a (good) General Software Store like Steam?

    We have steam for games but nothing I for the plethora of random trialware or "AAA" software that I am aware of, does such a site exist that is not a scam or does it as a secondary concern? And if not a store at least a indexer with sale notifications?
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    Offline PST syncing irritation

    Now that I have to mostly work from home I have a problem...... the work email account is a legacy 50MB mweb one which means IMAP is impossible unless I wanna regularly loose access to old emails. This means pop3.... which outlook devs in their infinite wisdom never provided a proper syncing...
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    These anti-quarantine websites are fakes. Here's what they're really after Researchers find that hundreds of "reopen" domain names are being registered at the same time. Many are part of schemes to collect data. Over the last month, more than 540 domain names have been...