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    MWEB quality of service

    Leave MWEB, best decision I made, they would throttle my line constantly. Went to cool ideas and no more throttling.
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    Audi’s new Q4 e-tron will go head-to-head with Tesla

    Can't take on Tesla.... In Musk we trust.
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    The SA power grid is in trouble

    How many more of these articles MyBB going to publish ? Do they just post the same thing when it's a slow day at the office ?
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    MWEB quality of service

    Not a chance in hell, was with them and it was terrible. Then moved to cool ideas and they are miles ahead.
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    How much it costs to import a Tesla car to SA

    Not surprised, SA is a crap hole country
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    Openserve CISP price decrease

    Chaps Cool Ideas reset my ports and im now rocking 212mb down and 98mb up :)
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    Openserve CISP price decrease

    Indeed I do. TP-Link Decom 4 AC1200 mesh system, still no upgrade as of this morning *crying
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    Openserve CISP price decrease

    Any of you had a speed increase yet ? Im still on 100mb :(, was hoping I would be 200mb by now :(
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    Openserve CISP price decrease

    @PBCool I knew you guys would come through. Glad to be getting the upgrade to 200mb from 100mb and the bump to 100mb for my uploads will be most welcome as a YouTube content creator
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    Afrihost customers on Openserve to get free speed upgrades

    @PBCool we are eagerly awaiting to see you guys follow the same lead as afrihost
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    Starlink satellite Internet now has over 10,000 users

    Awesome so they should be approved by the year 2050 when anybody wishing to use such a service would have either died or left the country
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    Musica shuts down

    Always insanely high prices and crap deals. Not surprised.
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    PS5 or XBox Series X

    Got the series X and I love it, having access to xbox game pass as well is just simply awesome. Was worried I had made the wrong choice but glad I chose Xbox again.
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    Wanted Apple magic keyboard for ipad pro 11 inch.

    Item Wanted: Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad 11 inch 2020. Packaging Essential: Preferable Desired Age: N/A Location: Pretoria Ballpark/Budget Amount: Lets chat.
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    MWEB - Horrible Service, Stay Away

    Left Mweb for coolideas. MWEB has gone down the sh*tter.
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    Is it possible to change Fiber ISP without a break in service?

    I'm currently going through issues, cancelled my account with MWEB on openserve which took effect today, now I'm trying to get openserve to take over the line but they say openserves system is down so they can't do so :(
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    Issues with Mweb on openserve.

    Tested using windscribe and sure enough the speed is quicker.